How To Buy Tabletop Photo Frames Online
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How To Buy Tabletop Photo Frames Online

Published at 03/13/2012 04:54:37


How To Buy Tabletop Photo Frames Online

There are some photographs, some memories that you want to keep next to you at all times - on your bed side table, your study table or your desk at your office. And while you could always stick them under the glass, not everyone has glass top tables at work. So the best solution would be tabletop photo frames. Be it a digital photo frame or the old fashioned ones, tabletop frames are the best way out if you want to keep your memories and loved ones near you without clutter. Plus, the right frame can do wonders when it catches the eye, adding life to your work space and other wise mundane routine. And with the availability of the internet, those looking for the perfect frames can buy their frames online.

Step 1

The photo frame (or picture frame) was designed to both protect the photograph and to enhance its beauty. Hence most photo frames have a glass or acrylic glass cover to protect the photograph from dust and scratches. Some are treated to make the glass nearly invisible. They can be of several shapes and sizes and are of a variety of material including the traditional wood, metals including wrought iron, silver and bronze, and even plastics, fiber glass and ceramics. Some frames are even made of card board and are covered in different fabrics and laces. Frames have been in use for ages and one of the earliest examples is an Egyptian frame that dates back to 2nd AD. Tabletop photo frames are not that new an invention, but it is unclear when they came into use.

Step 2

When shopping for tabletop photo frames, it would do well to bear some things in mind. In fact, these are rules that one should follow when shopping online in general. Does the website have a secure server? What is the reputation of the website? What is the quality of goods upon delivery when bought from this site? If you have researched the site in advance, and have done your homework well, it will be better for you. It will help you make a sound decision rather than waste your money (and exposing yourself needlessly). Also remember that legitimate business will not ask for private info via email.

Step 3

Also, regardless of what anyone tells you, the safest way to shop online is via credit card. It allows you a certain security blanket that debit cards and other methods of paying online do not. Therefore, when you set out to buy the perfect tabletop photo frames, bear this in mind. Also, never give out any extra details. If a field is not marked as necessary, you don’t have to - and probably shouldn’t fill it. Always print or save copies of your order and always keep your password secret.

Step 4

Now that that is out of the way, let’s move on to shopping for the frame itself. Unless you’re planning on getting a digital frame (more on that later), you need to compare the exact measurements of your photographs with the tabletop photo frames measurements. Otherwise, you might end up with an 8 by 12 frame for that 3 by 4 photograph you were planning to proudly display on your desk. Be sure to get the details regarding price in order as well - did that tiny note at the end say inclusive of tax? Are you sure? What about shipment and timings? Check again.

Step 5

There are several types of tabletop photo frames, including the “L style frame”, the “photo cube” and even digital photo frames. The last kind are costly but are becoming increasingly popular as they only require a USB and can show more than one photograph.


How To Buy Tabletop Photo Frames Online

A word of advice when dealing with digital frames - never settle for low resolution tabletop photo frames, even if they’re the cheapest in that range. A blurry photograph where you can’t make out whether the bride is smiling or grimacing is of no use. In the end, no matter what kind of tabletop photo frames you choose, be sure you’re happy with it.

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