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Tips And Ideas For Pen Tablet

Published at 02/05/2012 18:39:06


Here are some tips and tricks to help you make better use of tablet pc and the pen tablet:

Tablet PC Input Panel allows you to enter text into the computer without using the keyboard. Try these tips to facilitate use Tablet PC Input Panel to enter and correct text.

Step 1

Handwriting recognition is currently available for English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese (Brazil). If you use any of these input languages, you can use the keyboard in Tablet PC Input Panel to enter text without using a standard keyboard.

Step 2

If you write a word in the Input Panel and are recognized as multiple words, use pen tablet to drag over the recognized text to select the whole word. Correction area will open so you can delete the unintended spaces within the word. This is especially useful when writing a word that contains both letters and numbers.

You can use gestures to delete text and control the insertion point. A gesture is a movement you make with the pen tablet or a symbol that you draw with the pen tablet.

Set the Insert button, so that it will work when pointing with the pen. In doing so, you should not touch the Insert button to insert the recognized text. Instead, you can move the pen over the button, which speeds up typing.

Step 3

To insert text by indicating the Insert button:

- Open the Input Panel. (Tap the Input Panel tab, which appears by default in the left side of the screen.).

- Tap Tools.

- Tap Options.

- On the Settings tab of the Options dialog box, tap the Insert button to insert text indication.


You can use the pen instead of mouse to move around the screen. The following tips can help you do more things with the pen tablet.

Use pen tablet even if you use a Tablet PC notebook convertible. It is possible that this may sound more natural than using a mouse or pointing device included in the Tablet PC keyboard.

Activate the pen tablet flicks. You can customize pen flicks so you use them instead of any keys or keyboard shortcuts.

To enable and customize pen flicks:

- Open Pen and Input Devices by tapping Start, Control Panel, Mobile PC, and Pen and Input Devices.

- Touch Use flicks to activate and customize pen flicks. Use cut tool to capture an area of the screen and write on it with the tablet pen. Then you can use the captured image in an email, in a log file in Windows or any other place where you can paste a picture.

Use check boxes to select multiple items, such as files and folders.

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The pen tablet is a very useful tool and can make things easier. Over the past several years, pen tablet has evolved steadily, new features appear every day and they are more and more advanced. If you want to buy a tablet pc, you need to have a very good pen tablet for it.Check the websites for the latest tablet pc and pen tablet.