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How To Use Tablet Pen

Published at 07/05/2011 13:08:10

One of the advantages of using a tablet PC and graphic tablets is that you can use a tablet pen rather than relying on the keyboard and mouse all the time. Using the tablet pen or graphic pen can be a quick and easy way to enter informaton, graphics and illustrations.

A tablet PC or a graphic tablet emits magnetic pulses that are picked up by an inductive coil inside the Tablet Pen. Earlier versions of the Tablet Pen uses batteries. The new generation Tablet Pen uses magnetic pulses EMR (Electro Magnetic Resonance) are cleverly used not only for position sensing by the pad (X,Y axis), but also to power the buttons and pressure sensor in the Tablet Pen. 

The tip of the pen physically connects to a pressure sensor but has no ink nor electronic functionality, which is why nothing happens when you write with it. 

Getting used to using a Tablet Pen with your tablet PC or graphic tablet will be an adjustment (from mouse to pen) but you will probably find that you can use the pen to work more efficiently with your tablet PC or graphic tablet.

Before the first use of your tablet PC or graphic tablet calibrate your Tablet Pen.

  • Choose the correct handedness the first time you use your tablet PC or graphic tablet.

  • Set up pen settings on a user basis.
  • After changing calibration you may have to re-calibrate the pen.

  • 1. Hold the pen in the same way that you hold a regular pen.
  • 2. Write using an even speed and don’t use all capital letters.
  • 4. Mobility is a key role when using the tablet pen in drawing and sketching.
  • 3. You can rest your wrist on the screen or the pad as you are writing and drawing.
  • 4. Watch the location of function buttons on the pen and make sure you aren't pressing them while writing or drawing.
  • 5. Position your tablet pen so that the function buttons are facing the palm of your hand while writing and drawing and move it around when you need to use the function buttons.

  • In time you will get the hang of it, and you will be using the pen more often than the mouse.

Tips and comments:

Experiment and explore with using the tablet pen in different applications such as graphics software and illustration software and take time to get used to how the tablet pen works so that you are able to make the most of your tablet PC or graphic tablet in any way that you want.


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