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Lenovo Thinkpad X41 Tablet Review

Published at 07/14/2011 11:23:26

Lenovo Group Limited is a Chinese multinational computer Technology Company that develops, manufactures, and markets desktops and notebook personal computers, workstations, servers, storage drives, IT management software, and related services. Lenovo purchased the former IBM PC Company Division, which marketed the ThinkPad line of notebook PCs, in 2005 for roughly $1.75 billion. ThinkPad is a product of laptop computers originally designed, manufactured and sold by IBM that are known for their boxy black design, which was originally modeled after a conventional Japanese lunchbox. Since early 2005, the ThinkPad range had been manufactured and marketed by Lenovo, who purchased the IBM personal computer division. Known for their reliability, excellence, sturdiness, and performance, ThinkPads are popular with businesses, corporations, and schools. Used in space as well the ThinkPad is the only laptop certified for use on the International Space Station. In 2005, the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo purchased the ThinkPad brand from IBM in a five-year deal, whereby IBM still assists in the marketing and support of these products.

 The X Series tablet is a variant of the 12" X Series models, with low voltage CPUs and a flip-screen tablet screen. The traditional ThinkPad features are renowned for a higher quality AFFS-type screen with better viewing angles compared to the screens used on other ThinkPads. A 12.5" X220T model is available. An example of the lightweight X series, weighing in at 2.7 lb (1.2 kg), 25% lighter than its predecessor, the X31. The last variant of the X40-series, the X41 Tablet, was the first ThinkPad tablet PC since the original pen-based ThinkPad. It is the lightest 12 in (300 mm) Tablet PC with a keyboard from any manufacturer. It was also the final released ThinkPad designed by IBM before Lenovo purchased the brand.

 Designed to fill out the space that until now was empty the new IBM Lenovo X41 Tablet PC is the first and foremost a lightweight, full-featured notebook with outstanding battery life. At about 3.2 lbs., this notebook packs the best built-in security technology, full-scale wireless capabilities to connect to wireless networks and Bluetooth peripherals. A practical set of features in a study case. It has a crisp, bright display with a full-sized notebook keyboard. The X41 provides much better performance than your average ultraportable due to the fact it has a low-voltage. This is the makings for a top of the line notebook. However, this notebook is not just a notebook. It doubles as a superb Tablet PC of course! Now you have a good impression of the X41 Tablet PC convertible. The Lenovo ThinkPad X41 is undoubtedly one of the smoothest implementation of the Tablet/notebook combination. The X41 Tablet is not only the lightest convertible you can buy, but it also possesses all of the same ergonomic and security benefits of other ThinkPads. ThinkPad X4 Dock can give the X41 Tablet PC desktop services. However, the port selection on the ThinkPad tablet X41 is a little weak. It lacks FireWire and S-Video connectors.

Tips and comments:

 It seems like technology is finally catching up with the tablet. Any other similar changeable tablet/notebook weighs at least a pound more and is bulky. It is very easy to carry along. If, I was choosing a ThinkPad tablet for myself it would have been Lenovo ThinkPad X 41 tablet because of its salient features. Soon the ThinkPads would replace computers and laptops if their companies continue to maintain their progress the same way.