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5 Things You Must Know About Tabletop Tripod


Photography is an art based on aesthetics and demands perfection and professional maturity along with in born talent. For perfection it is needed to have the proper instrument of photography. Tabletop tripod is a professional camera for photography designed with characteristic features to capture the moments close to reality. Every photographer needs at least one tabletop tripod while those who are more enthusiastic need two of them. Tabletop tripods are three leggers and are best for shoot scenes, self-timer, close ups and night scenes. Perch them securely on a table, rock, wall or other solid object and they'll provide many of the benefits of a full-size tripod when you're shooting with a digital still or video camera. All are extremely light and most will fold small enough fit into your camera bag.


As its name implies, you can bend its three legs into any shape or height you like, meaning you can easily position your camera gear at any height and angle. The hard part is keeping your camera there. Due to its flexible legs, cameras that are fairly heavy will push down on it, changing its frame. SLR camera will generally not work on this tripod, unless you have a lightweight plastic body and a lightweight plastic lens.To attach the camera on this tripod, you'll have to continuously thread the tripod head into your cameras tripod mount. You cannot mount your camera on this tripod vertically. Three rubber feet at the end of the octopus-like legs keeps the tripod from skidding across the table. A pen clip allows you to carry it in your shirt pocket. Tabletop tripod can be divided into two sections flip-lock legs, for the enhancement of ability a suction cup is presented at the bottom of its center, and a smooth 3-way pan/tilt head with quick release. It is meant to support cameras up to 2-1/2 lbs., extends to 11 inches, weighs only one lbs., and it will also come fit in many camera bags.


The tabletop tripods are divided into different categories according to their functions and characteristics. different types are vista tabletop pro, compact table tripod, vista traveler, lightweighted tabletop and medium weighted tabletop, their prices are $14.95, $19.95, $ 79.85, $ 249.95 respectively. Large and heavy duty tripods that are best for professional use, cost for 849.98 and contain a unique broad steel base that resists tipping. These have a Pedestal Airlift pneumatic cylinder that provides a smooth, easy floating action when shooting with large studio and video cameras. Its 1-7/8-inch diameter center column is 15 inches tall and it accepts optional heads and platforms for specific applications. It also features quiet 4-inch deluxe ball bearing wheels with step-on locking action of both swivel and rolling action. 

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So, tabletop tripods are extremely useful for shooting tabletop models and when shooting from low to ground perspective and to carry it to the dinner.

By Sidra Rana, published at 03/30/2012
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5 Things You Must Know About Tabletop Tripod. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.