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6 Tips You Must Know About Tabletop Fridges


Refrigerators were designed back in the 1800 and were called ice box that kept things cool. There were many designs and many features. During this era one the designs and concepts were table top fridges. These are very useful and very convenient household electronics. Today a refrigerator is essential house equipment and a table top refrigerator just helps you create more space. People usually use it as an extra fridge to store food that needs its own space. Table top fridges can be squeezed or placed anywhere as long as it has a power supply. In the kitchen, the living room, your bedroom, toilet or any other place you can think of, there are no issues to its placement. People usually use it to store medicine in their stores or maybe few goodies in the bedrooms, but there are some tips and know about you should be aware of when using these equipments.

Step 1

Tabletop refrigerators are not necessarily just small and mini fridges. They can be as long as a three cabinet kitchen counter or even more. The purpose is design and space that it offers to its users. People install such fridges in restaurants like KFC or McDonald's to store ice and other cold deserts right under the serving counter. This helps them utilize the space under the table.

Step 2

You should mostly try to store large amounts of food in these fridges. Tabletop fridges were specifically designed to be spacious and are usually used to store meat, wine or vegetables in very large quantities. You can even choose to store cooked meals that you made for a party. Restaurants normally store and display half cooked meat in their tabletop fridges at the counter

Step 3

Try using the tabletop fridge in other places than in your kitchen. Try installing one in your living for storing cold drinks and wine. These fridges can be custom designed by many makers and cab easily be camouflaged as furniture in living rooms. It helps make the place look more classy and fancy.

Step 4

Tabletop fridges can also be used to freeze food. You might have the impression of seeing these fridges being used as cooling units only like in hotels but the fact is that it can also be used as freezers.

Step 5

In a kitchen you can have them install marble top to the refrigerator to do all your kitchen cooking on them. You can even install a stove. If in other rooms it can be used as additional decorating tables.

Tips and Comments

Tabletop fridges can be designed and made out of any outer shell just like a kitchen fridge. You can make it out of wood, plastic or metal and give it any color. They fit into any rooms theme nicely and conveniently and prove to be very useful for all your food. Personally it is suggested to use tabletop fridges in bedrooms for storing all your chocolates and drinks away from the family. Some major tabletop fridge manufacturers include Coolzone, Amica and ice king.


By Amara, published at 04/03/2012
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6 Tips You Must Know About Tabletop Fridges. 3 of 5 based on 11 votes.