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What Is Graphic Tablet And How It Works?

Published at 02/03/2012 18:33:01


The graphic tablet serves not only to make work more convenient for designers, but all users can take advantage of graphics tablets. These peripherals are proving very useful tools for video editing, drawing, photo processing, creating graphics, handwriting and digitization. For drawings, they provide much greater accuracy than using a mouse.


A graphic tablet is composed from a tablet of different sizes, usually from A6 to A3, and an optical pencil which makes it possible to draw and write on the tablet, the result is visible on the touch screen.

Tablet resolution is a very important feature of graphics tablets; a higher resolution means more accurate drawings. Installing a graphic tablet is very simple: the tablet is connected to the USB port of your computer and then run the installation software that comes with the tablet on a CD. Depending on user needs, the graphic tablet can be used for specialized software engineering, graphics, video editing and photo design.

According to a study by a leading manufacturer of graphic tablets, was shown that graphic tablets are more ergonomic than the mouse and they minimize muscle tension in the forearm and hand, particularly at users who spend more time on the computer.

We propose to discuss graphics tablets, which are extremely useful for photographers. I say this after I discovered a real pleasure to process images in Adobe Photoshop using the pen and tablet.


A leading manufacturer vision is to develop a more natural environment between the user and the computer, to make technology more flexible. They wanted to create harmony between the user and computer they are also the first developer of a pen as input device. The company has focused its efforts in designing this device for more creativity and freedom in the materialization of graphic ideas.

The graphic tablet is for anyone who wants a natural and intuitive working environment, an optimization of working time and an opportunity to use the maximum proportion of software capability. Areas of use are varied and extremely complex. Some of the areas of application: highly complex graphics, video editing and photo imaging, medicine, supporting presentations in conferences, audio editing, air traffic control, architecture, industrial design and fashion.

By using the graphic tablet in photo editing significantly improves working time, because actions are intuitive. The most dramatic effects are obtained due to the pen pressure sensor. This helps to establish progressively, depending on the degree of pressure, the amount of color, the intensity of the traces, the amplitude or intensity of various instruments used. Editing the fine contours, editing shadows, blurring unwanted elements in the image are other tremendous advantages of using the graphic tablet.

Tips and comments

The most common functions of the software (Adobe Photoshop) can be assigned to sensitive keys of the tablet and mouse clicks can be transposed to pencil keys. The graphic tablet accessories are compatible regardless of the size of the tablet work surface, the most spectacular being Art Marker and Airbrush because they can get fine effects of color and shadows. The price of tablets is directly proportional to the size of the active area and tilt sensors and pressure performance.