How To Use Pc Laptop Tablet
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How To Use Pc Laptop Tablet

Published at 02/04/2012 21:22:16


How To Use Pc Laptop Tablet

The other day my teacher brought this amazing laptop to class. Not only was it convertible but it was also sleek and stylish with a lot of features. I just could not believe that a single laptop could have it all. But I was having a hard time determining what it was. Was it a laptop, a notebook or a tablet or a combination of them all? Later when I inquired my teacher about it she told me it is a PC Laptop Tablet. Portability of a notebook together with the easiness of a tablet and the operating system of a PC you get a PC Laptop Tablet.

Step 1

PC Laptop Tablet has been in the market for quite a while. Their touch feature makes them very easy and convenient to use. Different models have different kind of touch system in them. Whether your PC Laptop Tablet has a pressure sensing touch or a heat sensitive touch it depends upon the kind of model you possess. Heat sensitive is perhaps a lot better and useful than the pressure sensing touch as it is more responsive. Pressure sensing touch many times gives you problems after 6 months of use and you may have to make use of your nails to make it work. This causes scratches to be formed on the screen and is not at all ideal for use. Some laptops even have multi touch systems which mean you can use multiple fingers on the screen and your laptop will detect it as well.

Step 2

PC Laptop Tablet even have accelerometer feature in them. This means the laptop changes its screen position as you move. If you tilt it width vise the screen will move that way as well. The digital pen makes it easier for you to take notes. Since the screen can be twisted to make it into the form of a tablet, the digital pen really gives you the impression of writing on a notebook. The newer generation of PC Laptop Tablet has a docking system in them which means they have a full QWERTY keypad in them. This makes them very compatible as sometimes it becomes type on a touch keyboard. The PC Laptop Tablet come equipped with WLAN, Bluetooth and USB ports. They are a good choice for you especially if you travel a lot as they are extremely portable and have good operating systems.


PC Laptop Tablet is really the new generation of Laptops however, the touch system in them might be of some concern. The touch system is very sensitive and gets malfunctioned very easily. Even a single drop of water is harmful for it that is why you need to be very careful while handling them. Moreover, many of the PC Laptop Tablets do not offer value for money as they are way too pricey. You can get the same features in far less amount of money in a regular laptop. If money is not a concern for you should definitely opt for them as they are a good option to buy!