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How To Use Tablet Pc Laptops

Published at 02/09/2012 21:54:23


Mobile computing has taken up most of the business and professional industries for a long time now. People have turned to a more sophisticated way of conducting daily business by allowing the use of tablet pc laptops and other gadgets. Taking notes has never been made easier .One may have taken notes on an important meeting and only to never find them again since they may have been misplaced in the wrong folder. This is why many professionals prefer to use tablet pc laptops. They offer the same portability as a laptop, but only their keyboards are appear in the touch screen interface. You therefore have to write on the screen and then save that document on a digital file for safety purpose or even share it with your colleagues. Making all these reality, one needs to know how to use the tablet before they can turn to it.

Step 1

The first thing to do is to turn on the laptop pc tablet and then log on to the user account. For convertible tablet pc laptops or one that has an external keyboard connected via cable or Bluetooth, then you should use it like any other laptop or even desktop computer. It is however very necessary to calibrate your laptop tablet pc so that you can be able to operate using a pen. After launching the tablet and pen settings wizard from the control panel, you can indicate whether you are right or left handed .This means that you will have to do a calibration on your tablet pc laptop for both landscape and portrait.

Step 2

Text and data is input on the tablet pc laptops the same ways as an ordinary desktop computer or laptop. You will need to launch the office suite from the programs menu in order to create edit and organize documents. You bring your digital pen close to the text area to which you want to enter text. There is an icon that appears for the output panel, click on it. With the input panel, you can have your own handwriting converted to digital electronic text. Handwriting detection software makes errors that can be corrected, but the same software offers best guesses on the intended word you were typing.

Step 3

One can also enhance the tablet pc laptops experience. This implies that you can download the experience packs from the many sites all over the internet. They offer free tools that can even allow you to write or even draw directly on the tab. You can also copy images on your screen and also access your media files from tablet pc laptops. You can also browse third party applications that provide many added functions that will suit you and also find tools such as calculators and even dictionaries and diversions


Tablet pc laptops can easily and even essentially run the same functions as any desktop or even laptop computer. The only difference is that they are made with a touch screen interface and a digital pen to enable users who are mostly on the road maybe for businesses or vacations .They are designed like a folder and are carried in a briefcase and an inbuilt battery facility therefore you don’t need to plug it in to a wall for power. No matter what operating system that is running on the tablet pc laptops, the functions are still the same.

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