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How To Use Thinkpad Tablet ?

Published at 02/03/2012 20:09:36


In an era in which we try to configure our advanced computers or we seek notebooks with powerful hardware specifications the tablet market is growing rapidly. From a version to the other the Android operating system is getting better and it’s starting to become a must have on our smartphones and also our tablets. A good tablet is the Lenovo thinkpad tablet, which unlike other tablets, comes with two new good ideas.

Step 1

The first good news is that the pen is available on the upper half of the thinkpad tablet. The Android 3.1 operating system or Honeycomb gives the thinkpad tabled the uniqueness of being the only tablet that has a pen and good support for it. The second good news is that the thinkpad tablet has 4 navigation buttons available on the lower half of the tablet. The majority of the tablets have only 2 navigational buttons but the thinkpad is more user friendly. These four buttons are Home, Back, Internet browser and Display block. The Home button will take you to the main menu of the Android operating system; back will take you to the last menu; Internet browser needs no details and the Display block button will lock the display in the desired position horizontal or vertical so when you move the thinkpad tablet the image won’t rotate.

Step 2

Looking at the connectivity, the thinkpad tablet is very good. On the lower half of the tablet, under the four buttons we can find the I/O port for headphones, a HDMI port, a mini USB port that powers the tablet, a SD card reader and a SIM slot. On the left of the tablet we will find a USB port, the tablet speaker and the two buttons for setting the volume, up/down. On the top side we only hive the pen support and on the right side we have the power button. The sound quality of the thinkpad tablet is not very good, but lets be real, this is a tablet not a notebook or a desktop. Looking at the image quality you will be surprised as well while you surf the web, and also while you want to watch a movie. The wireless connectivity is very good, at a distance of 10 meters from the router, with a lot of obstacles, the signal quality is very good.

Step 3

The thinkpad tablet is a very good piece of technology that allows you to have a lot of mobility and it’s also a lot of fun. Playing games on this tablet is a lot of fun, and with a Tegra 2 Dual Core processor you can run a lot of applications.
If you ask yourself “why do I need a tablet?” just think that you can store on it all the documents that you need in a small package easy to transport. You have everything you need in a small package and you can meet with people and present them your projects, documents or contracts. Information to bearer, that’s what all is about.


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