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The Best Rated And Most Affordable Tablet Computer

Published at 02/05/2012 22:34:56


As promised I present today the newest tablet computer recently launched in China.

Chinese market, though it is one of the most dynamic markets in the world very often do not provide such events, launching a 100% new model like this one, taking place rarely.

Step 1

We do not talk about a tablet computer, we talk more of a platform which will be found in many tablet PC soon to be sold all over the world with different names under different brands.

As expected they found immediately amateurs to take this new platform, although the use of new platforms involves some risks as well as additional charges for software and hardware development.

Step 2

The tablet computer is based on chip AW A10. It is also developed in China by AllWinner Tech, and runs at speed of 1.5 GHz, with very good features.

High performance processing and multimedia capabilities.

Hardware acceleration allows very low power consumption for HD playback and graphics.

Outstanding Super-HD 2160p/3D decoding provides the user with new experiences.

The high level of integration allows for products with lower cost.

The developer promises development kits further including BSP OS (Android V2.3.4,
Linux2.6, and WinCE6.0).

Step 3

We tested such a tablet computer and I can say it has interesting performance, achieving a score of 1955 in Quadrant. This tablet computer manages to enter the market with an exceptional price, a price that will make it a very good purchase even if her performance will be below the level presented: Chip A10, Cpu 1, 5 GHz, display LCD 7’’ panel touch, Touch Screen 5point capacitive screen, Network WIFI wireless Lan 8 and external 3G, support 3D video, Camera 1,5MP (up to 3MP).

But as I said, the platform was taken over by several companies, which means that on the market will appear several models, with specifications and prices more or less similar.


Of all tablet computers that have been launched or announced so far, I found most interesting the simplest tablet computer. This keeps the design already established, is but a little thin and has the advantage of a standard USB plug, which lets you connect a 3G modem without any adjustment.

Apart from this model we found two tablets using the same platform, one of which has already been launched and is on the market (you'll see at what price) but both with one mini USB jack.

So much for this tablet computer that promises it will remove skepticism with which many still look Chinese products. And to be honest with you these specifications impressed me until I received the first price offer. With a price under 250 U.S.D, this tablet computer seems the best deal available on the market. With all it s features and the low price the AllWinner Tech tablet is in my opinion the best rated and affordable tablet computer.

Sources and Citations

I wish you luck in finding a tablet that you like and I hope this article help you decide what to buy and what to look for when you search for a tablet computer. The best way is to see what are you going to use it for and what is your budget, then search for various reviews on the web.


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