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How To Use Windows Tablet

Published at 02/08/2012 22:15:49


A Windows tablet now operates with Windows XP, or Windows 7.These operating systems are almost the same as the ones for home computers or business computers.

Step 1

Supporting technology multiple touch, Windows 7 opens a new world of possibilities.

Multi-touch gestures mimic those that are already familiar. For example, a double click is a double tap on the screen. Other gestures that you can make with a Windows tablet reflect how you interact with a physical object.

Step 2

In Internet Explorer 8, scroll through web pages by dragging your finger up or down the screen as you move a newspaper on a table.

In Photo Viewer, zoom a photo moving away two fingers on the screen or turn a photo twirling a finger around another.

Step 3

How will you use Windows Touch? That depends entirely on you. Virtually any program that works with Windows 7 now responds to touch. You can even finger paint in Paint.

In the coming months, expect to see even more software optimized for working with fingers. Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7, included in some computers with touch screens, offers a clue of what is being prepared. Windows tablet software includes a three-dimensional virtual world that can be turned by hand. Touch a spot on the Microsoft Surface Globe and it increases at real scale. Microsoft Rebound is a ball game taking place on electrified land. And Microsoft Blackboard is a physics puzzle game that challenges you to combine equipment, scales and other parts working in a virtual machine.


The guys at Microsoft were quick to announce in a detailed document what are the requirements for Windows 8, even if the new operating system will appear in a final version, probably near the end of this year. Although the emphasis is rather on the restrictions and limitations of the new operating system, we can only hope the future is not so bleak. For a greater degree of clarity we mention them in a list form:

The windows tablet on ARM platform will have the boot loader locked this way it will be restricted in terms of installing another operating system. This is one of the hardest blows to the Linux enthusiasts who hoped to use the tablets with preinstalled Windows 8 for experiments.

Ctrl + Alt + Del will be replaced on the windows tablet with no physical keyboard, with the combination Windows Key + Power.

Multitouch: all tablets with Windows 8 must support at least 5 individual touch points.

If the windows tablet includes NFC sensors, the contact area will be clearly marked on the device surface.

Hardware buttons whose presence is required on the surface of tablets are: Power, Lock Rotation, Windows Key, Volume Up, and Volume Down.

It takes at least 10 GB of space and UEFI firmware for an operating system running in optimal conditions.

All systems need a USB 2.0 port, a magnetometer, speakers, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, accelerometer and gyroscope to run Windows 8, whether it comes in windows tablet, notebook or desktop systems.

Resolution of 720p for every camera integrated on the devices surface.

Minimum screen resolution of 1366 x 768 required to run a Windows 8.

Update drivers for graphics chip can be achieved without restarting the operating system.

Even though there are many elements in this list easy to criticize, each feature shows the goal of Microsoft, to avoid fragmentation between various types of devices.