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Which Tablets Toshiba Can Offer

Published at 07/19/2011 15:36:13

 The tablets Toshiba are offering are just a few of the many achievements in the latest technology. Toshiba has been one of the many companies that are fronting the evolution of the technological aspect of gadgets. Toshiba, being a Japanese brand, is also considered to be one of the best brands for laptops. It is one of the leading names when it comes to netbooks and laptops.

 Now, with the advent of tablets Toshiba has jumped to the bandwagon of creating this device. Apple started its iPad and it was phenomenal. The idea of having a tablet is already entertained by a lot of people as a convenient way to browse through the internet.


But before handheld tablets, there were tablet PCs first. Toshiba’s tablet PC Tekra M4-S435 has built-in Bluetooth antenna, wireless LAN antenna, and stereo speakers. It has Pentium M 740 1.73GHz, 60GB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce Go 6200 TE, and 512MB RAM. It weighs 6.2 lbs.


This tablet PC, at its time, has an excellent speed. It has good screen that produces vivid colors. Its built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and DVD burner also makes it a good gadget for home and office use. Sadly, its screen can be flimsy, and users may also encounter problems with the pen.


During its time of release, this tablet was already good enough. But currently, there are already a lot of PCs, laptops, and even netbooks that have larger RAM and better features.


The Toshiba Thrive is one of the latest tablets in the market and the newest Toshiba tablet. It is powered by Android 3.1 (Honeycomb). It has 10.1” High-resolution multi-touch display that is also LED backlit. It also has NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual core mobile processor and an easy grip cover too. It is available as well in three different storage capacities for the consumers’ varying needs.  There is 8GB, 16GB and 32 GB.


The good thing about the Thrive is that it has good pricing. It also has a full USB and HDMI support. It has a full SD card slot as well. It has a replaceable battery which also works for its advantage. Its file manager will help every user in accessing and finding the files that you want more easily and quickly. It has vibrant colors in the screen.


On the other hand, the downside is that Thrive can be pretty bulky. It can also be heavy, which is something that not everyone will like. It is one of the heaviest tablets that are out in the market. It has LED lights on its edge that can be pretty distracting. Its camera is also placed awkwardly at the back of the tablet.

 Nevertheless, the Toshiba Thrive, being a good or a bad tablet, has to be determined by the user. Because there are different needs and different preferences to be considered, it may not meet the standards of every person. Some people will like it, some people will not. This is why before making any purchase, the specs and the reviews of the tablets Toshiba has made must be examined first in order to know if you really want to get one or not.

Tips and comments:

 Every tablet that is produced by Toshiba and other companies must be observed very well so that you will find out whether or not it is durable, well-designed, and functional. But it is also note-worthy to remember that Toshiba is one of the leading makers of the best technological devices in the market.