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Do You Know About Graphics Tablet Pen

Published at 02/08/2012 16:46:46


Today we learn about graphic tablets and especially about using the graphics tablet pen. Of all models on the market, we took the example of a Bamboo tablet touch. The use of graphics tablet pen is similar on all the graphic tablets.


The active area is also the surface enabled for use with the graphics tablet pen. Learn about your pencil and pen experience with Bamboo.

The graphics tablet pen (depending on equipment) is a pressure sensitive hand tool used for image editing and natural marking.

It is also effective for annotations on documents and taking notes in applications that support handwriting recognition. The pen is wireless and battery-free. It is also suitable for improved workflow by enabling digital ink and pen, specific feature in Microsoft Vista and Office 2007.

Take advantage of digital ink to edit together and use digital ink to the notes in applications that support handwriting recognition.

IMPORTANT: When not in use, place the pencil in the pencil holder or leave it horizontally on the desk. Pencil eraser must be inserted first in pencil holder. To maintain the sensitivity of the pen do not ever keep it in a support where it sits on it s top or eraser. Leaving the graphics tablet pen on the tablet may interfere with screen cursor positioning when it is used with other pointer devices, or may prevent your computer will go into power saving (sleep mode).


Now it is time for some information about the pencil holder.

Use pencil holder (depending on equipment) to keep the pen when not in use. Pencil holder is attached to the Bamboo Touch model. First the pencil eraser must be inserted in pencil holder. Don t stuck the buttons inside pen holder; they can stay permanently pressed and become inoperable.

IMPORTANT: You can also leave it on the desk. Wacom recommends that you do not keep the graphics tablet pen in another pencil holder, other than that supplied by Bamboo tablet.

Tips and comments

Next we give you some tips to make your work with graphic tablets more comfortable.

To minimize fatigue, organize your work area comfortable. Place the graphics tablet pen (if equipped with pencil) and keyboard for easy access without unnecessary stretching. Adjust the monitor as you can see it comfortably with minimal eye fatigue.

For best results, place the tablet on the screen so the pointer will follow the same direction as the movement of the hand on the tablet.

Take short breaks between actions to stretch and relax muscles.

Use a light grip when working with graphics tablet pen. When you have no current work by touch, you can rest your fingers and palm on the tablet. Touch data will not be sent if you touch the tablet's active area with more than two fingers.

Eliminate awkward postures and repetitive movements that may cause discomfort.

Change your position if you feel any discomfort because the working area.

We hope that these tips make your life at work easier and wish you have fun with the graphic tablets.