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Do You Know About Tabletop Air Purifier

Published at 02/08/2012 16:44:32


An air purifier is a device that filters or purifies the air inside a room or a house. A tabletop air purifier as the name suggests is a kind of an air purifier which is placed on a desktop or a table top. These air purifiers are generally smaller than other kinds of air purifiers simply because they need to come in a size handy enough to be easily place on a table. Apart of having a compact size, a tabletop air purifier also tend to be a little more nicer in appearance than other kinds of large air purifiers.


Air inside a closed environment tends be more concentrated in pollutants than the air outside in an open environment. Since the air in a closed environment is trapped it the chances of one inhaling contaminants are more when a person is inside than the person being outside in open. Dust particles, smoke, particles, fungi molds, pollen and even fur of animals and pets are common pollutants which are found inside the air of a house. A greater moisture content is also found in a trapped air. Now for normal people who are immune to such agents can bear such as air but for those who are allergic to any of the mentioned components the air having such pollutants can cause a serious damage. That is where air purifiers step in. Air purifiers take in the dirty air inside the closed space and filter it so they become free of all the pollutants.


Air purifiers come in many forms and sizes. Mostly they are differentiated on their air filtering capacities. The simplest form of an air purifier would at least absorb larger particles such as dust particles, animal fur and pollen but may fail to filter highly small particles where as an advance air purifier may even absorb bacteria. A tabletop air purifier also varies according to its air filtering ability but a general tabletop air purifier in comparison to large air purifiers would have a less filtering ability. This makes a tabletop air purifier more suitable for small rooms and offices than for the entire house. When placed in rooms, a table top air purifiers seem to be highly effective in terms of air filtration. They manage to at least remove all the major pollutants and clean the air if not disinfect it. Also they are much easier to handle and maintain than the large bulky air purifiers which also by the way produce a highly annoying sound which is restricted to a small humming sound in a tabletop air purifier.

Tips and comments

The use of air purifiers should not be restricted to only those individuals who suffer from any kind of an allergy. Any pollutant a person inhales accumulates inside which may cause harm in future. There for everyone should have an air purifier at their house. If it is difficult to maintain large air purifiers at least a small tabletop air purifier should at least be in your bedroom. Not only will these air purifiers be easy to maintain and handle they will the air around you, assuring a better health.