Do You Know About a Display Tabletop
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Do You Know About a Display Tabletop

Published at 02/08/2012 16:44:08


Do You Know About a Display Tabletop

A display tabletop is a type of trade show display which is generally used to advertise a particular product or specific services. These are an extremely handy type of advertisement as there is a lot of room for modifications and flexibility in the design of a table top display panel, which can be designed according to the need of the user. A display tabletop is set out on the top of a waist length table or flat surface and provides versatility for various displays and exhibitions.
The design of a table top display can be re-modeled to fit any specific requirements that a consumer may have. Generally, people use a banner style design which is both simple and cost effective. The banner style table top display ensures maximum profitability and at the same time has a clean-cut design which makes it simple and straightforward. However, some people might also like to customize their display tabletop, and for that reason firms specializing in the design and production of advertisement displays also offer custom-built table top displays that incorporate two and even three dimensional designs and models which can add to the appeal of these advertisement displays. For example an architectural firm or construction company may find that this type of display is the one that suits their needs the most as it will show their advertisement in a most attractive and efficient way possible.


Apart from the basic banner style displays and hybrid/modular displays, customers also have the option to choose a panel type table top display which comprises of a set of interconnected panels which can be expanded and/or stacked together to form a designed display. Other design options include a pop-up display tabletop, which comprises of flexible sheeting fixed upon a grid which can be erected upon any surface and which acts as an extremely efficient tool for advertisement.


Apart from designs, the sizes of these display tabletops may also vary. Customers can obviously choose sizes of their displays according to their liking and their specific requirement but it is important to remember that while an advertisement display should never be too large or overpowering, a small and insignificant looking table-top display will not be able to garner the attention of any prospective customers. Therefore it is important to find a perfectly sized display which will do the job of attracting consumer attention as well as be a flexible and easily handled piece of display advertisement. Typical sizes for a display tabletop include anywhere from a 2 x 2ft banner display to a 6ft wide x 3o inch pop-up display and sizes usually depend on the type of display you are going to go for.

Tips and comments

If you are looking for a table top display to advertise your business at a trade show, it is advisable that you do a bit of internet surfing and look for companies that specialize in creating such display advertisement. If you have a set of specific requirements, make sure to note them down and go through the lists of product designs offered by different manufactures before you narrow down the specific designs that you might want. Most companies offering such display tabletop have a large amount of product information available on their websites and quote everything from price to the sizes as well as the colors and specific dimensions of each display. So hopefully, by looking carefully, you will be able to find the right design that fits your budget as well as your requirements.