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How To Use Tablet Pc Touch

Published at 02/08/2012 21:00:15


In our present time, the tablet pc touch represents a very important part of our life. Here are some advices how to work with tablet pc touch.

Step 1

If your computer system is equipped with more than one monitor, the tablet pc touch will set the corresponding surfaces based on how they are configured in the properties control panel monitors.

Step 2

If it is in use more than one monitor and you are in extended monitor mode, the tablet will set up a correspondence with all monitors as if they were a single large screen.
If monitors are set in mirror mode (both monitors display the same image) the tablet pc touch will set a correspondence (will make a map) to the entire space on each monitor and the cursor will be displayed simultaneously on both monitors.

Step 3

See documentation Hardware and operating system for details on configuring your computer to use a system MULTIMONITOR.

Note: Pencil can also be customized to have a correspondence with a single monitor or a portion of the screen surface.

Step 4

Using the touch screen:
Before you learn how to control the computer by using touch, familiarize yourself with these concepts:
Track - touch and move a single finger on the tablet surface.
TAP - Reaching and lifting a single finger on the tablet.
Pan - two fingers touching the tablet pc touch and moving in the same direction.
Swipe-touch the tablet with two fingers and move them in the same direction with a high relative speed.

Step 5

Pinch-touch tablet with two fingers apart. While touching the tablet pc touch surface, move your fingers together or appropriate;
Expand-Touch the tablet surface with fingers together. While you touch the tablet surface expand the fingers;
Twist-Touch the tablet pc touch with two fingers slightly apart and turn them into a circular shape or move them in opposite directions. You can also keep a steady finger and draw around your stationary finger.


You can also personalize the experience of touch and use function keys to perform certain functions.
Touch options are enabled or disabled from the control panel and are dependent on type of application used. The tablet pc touch offers gestures and actions that are available when selected from tab TOUCH FUNCTIONS.
Elementary actions:
TRACK - use one finger to move the cursor on the screen. Touch and slide your finger on the tablet surface.
Click - (tapping with one finger): Use one finger, move it to an item. Lift your finger and tap to select if you want the tablet pc touch to work.
Alternatively, you can also drag your finger over one element then press a function key from ExpresKey set on Easy Tapping with one finger.
Double-click: use one finger, slide it over an element. Lift your finger and tap twice.

Sources and Citations

Dragging an item to the left: select the item by touching it with your thumb or with another finger the move it to the left. If you will pull an element or you are selecting text blocks, we recommend using two fingers instead of one finger and the thumb.
The tablet pc touch is a must have for people that want mobility and working speed.