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HIV/AIDS has become a menace in the world with millions of people falling victim to this disease, or should we say condition. There are numerous studies all over the Internet about the effects of aids and its preventions, as scientists work day and night in the quest for its cure and in order to come up with a vaccine for this disease, which threatens to wipe out generations and generations of the future. Aids has been researched on by very many people but this article will only hold the top five information by people who study aids and its effects.

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Many people tend to think that aids is a genocide that has been created to kill the masses, but a study in the USA has shown that a cure for the disease has not been found and they are working through tooth and nail to ensure that this cure is found and that the infected will be cured and set free from the cruel disease. Many people also tend to think that they will be HIV positive simply by sticking around people who have the aids virus. This study shows and assures all readers that this is impossible. Do not refrain from shaking the hands and interacting with people who are HIV positive. You can never get the aids syndrome in that manner. It is impossible to contract aids that way.

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This study also shows that some people are not refraining from unprotected sex simply because they will still lead a healthy life even after contracting the aids disease. However it is important to know that the anti-retrovirals do work but have very adverse side effects to the certain user, and thus, the user may suffer a lot. Also a study shows that the HIV virus is becoming more and more drug resistant as the time flies by. It is better to have prevention than cure. Take precaution and control over your life and practice safe sex. This is the best method to make sure you have contained the spread of aids. Being faithful is another way to contain the disease and prevent it from spreading.

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It is also important to spread awareness about aids.There are some locations that people there do not have a clue on how to contain the spread of the disease, thus, it is very important for one to spread the word about aids to a person without the right information. A study has shown that most people in third world countries do not know about aids, neither do they have any access to anti-retroviral drugs, thus, the need to help out the people in these nations should be taken very seriously if aids should be contained and tamed looking at it from a global perspective. A study has also shown that most people think that once they are on treatment, they cannot spread the aids virus. This is very wrong since the aids virus can be spread by anyone who is HIV positive. The anti-retroviral drugs will sometimes only show that you are negative but the virus is hidden within.

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People also think that HIV aids can only be spread by straight people. A study has shown that even homosexuals contribute a great deal in the spread of the HIV virus and thus they should also be viewed as potential virus carriers in order to prevent the disease or even to contain the spread of the disease. These people should not be ignored since they form a certain considerable population count in the world, and therefore, they are also part of the people who should be targeted.

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A study has revealed that many people have also been led to believe that once you acquire the aids virus, then their lives are over. This should not be the case since the anti-retrovirals will help make your life longer and healthier and also one should be hopeful. Maybe someone is on the verge of a cure, you just never know!

By Francis Kimiri Kimani Kimiri Kimani, published at 02/18/2012
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