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Health aids or medical aids or supplies are objects that are either straightforward indicators of our health condition like a Sphygmomanometer which measures blood pressure or are tools or aids to help make a health condition better or convenient like a wheelchair for example. The thing is, we know of many health aids from daily life but it can be a bit difficult to categorize them into types. As in, which aid belongs to which medical category?


The first and very useful category in health aids is orthopedic aids. As you know orthopedic means the involvement of the musculoskeletal system which includes joints, bones, tendons, ligaments, etc. Orthopedic problems sometimes mean a lot of reliance on aids such as ankle and wrist supporting objects, some that even heat up the affected area. These can also include exercise equipment and adjustable beds. Some of these or additional ones can be categorized under Prosthetics alongside. Also, as Ostomy care relies a lot on aids such as ostomy pouches, there are many available for facilitating bodily discharge. Some over the counter medicines also get categorized under aids; for example not too strong laxatives, pain relieving creams or sprays, anything for opening of nasal passages and basically anything that is not too big a deal to get a prescription for.


When we talk of health aids honestly the type everyone is familiar with is first aid supplies; be it in dispersed form as band aids or in proper first aid kits stowed in some corner, first aid supplies will always be most well known ones. Basic first aid supplies can include bandages, gauze, surgical gloves, thermometers, antiseptic and burn creams, tools or utensils for cutting or removing something like splinters etc. More advanced first aids include heating pads, eye washing stations, suture kits and even basic physical therapy objects. These aids also include general basic medicines for sudden bursts of fever or flu etc. Some generals that come under Diabetes and Blood pressure care include glucometers, blood pressure monitors, stethoscopes etc. Blood pressure measuring devices come in many forms, not just the basic one with a scale and pump; there are small ones that can be worn as wrist bands and advanced digital types too.

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Other types in health aids are Mobility aids, such as wheel chairs, crutches or other objects that can facilitate mobility or aid those objects, for example the wheelchair car lifter is to help lift a whole wheel chair into a car rather than the person. Incontinence aids also come under types of aids and it is surprising to see such variety of products to help those who have this problem. There is also bathroom equipment available now to help patients use the bathroom with ease and convenience. So these aids are not just limited to thermometers or stethoscopes, they have evolved and are separately made for clinical and domestic use. These many types will help you categorize and ask for what you need specifically. There are hundreds of versions so happy shopping!

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