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About Hearing Aids

Published at 02/16/2012 03:23:13


Many people need the assistance of aids hearing due to auditory impairments. The number of individuals that have hearing problems is constantly increasing every year. According to recent studies, nearly 31 million individuals in the United States are diagnosed with hearing issues or loss. The purpose of this hearing aid device is to capture sound waves and amplify them through its speakers. This small device is the only viable solution to overcome hearing ailments and problems.


There is a variety of reasons that can cause hearing impairment. The majority of these impairments are caused by ear infection, ototoxic drugs, blockage of ear canal and trauma. Fortunately for impaired individuals, technology and medical studies have made a significant solution to help these individuals hear sound waves without disturbances. The aids hearing are significant instruments for these individuals.

Types of Hearing Aids

There are several types of aids hearing nowadays that would suit to various needs of several individuals. Individuals with hearing impairments have numerous options to choose from when it comes to these hearing amplifiers. Here are some of the types of hearing aids:
• Analog type. This hearing device is less costly than its other counterparts. They are capable of efficiently converting sounds into electrical waves and send it to the brain. However, these devices do not have the same sound quality than its digital counterparts.
• Digital type. Technology has made several enhancements to provide convenience to the individuals with hearing impairments. These devices are constituted of microchip processors that would convert analog sound waves into binary patterns of computer language. These sound conversion process is faster and more efficient than the process utilized by its analog counterparts.
• Programmable type. These hearing aids can be reprogrammed by an audiologist to accommodate varying levels of hearing loss. These devices also have sound profiles that can be arranged to a specific set of sound settings. A patient with such device can choose profiles like normal, telephone, concert hall and conversation.


Styles of Hearing Aids

• The behind the ear or BTE aid is the most common and prominent hearing aid. This device consists of small plastic device that is fitted behind the ear. It ministers amplification of sound waves through the connection between the ears and the ear mold. These devices are very functional for mild to severe cases of hearing impairments. This hearing aid is highly recommended for children since the ear mold is very affordable and it can be replaced easily as your child grows.
• Bone anchored hearing aid is a hearing amplifier that is surgically implanted inside the patient’s skull. These aids are for special cases such as individuals that are having problems transmitting sound from the outer part of the ear to the inner ear.
• Completely in the Canal is the smallest classification of hearing aids hearing. It is made of electronic components that are placed inside a small case that fits perfectly in the ears.

Tips and comments

Technology is still searching for other significant solutions to help patients with hearing issues. As for now, these procedures are the best ways to resolve the hearing predicaments. If you are planning to buy aids hearing, it is highly advised to consult an ear specialist first to identify the best aid that is appropriate for your hearing needs.