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About Types Of Hair Braids

About Types Of Hair Braids


Since the beginning of time, men and women alike experimented hair braiding. Everyone with long or medium hair tried at some point disguising their hair when they didn’t have time to shampoo. From movie stars to common people, hair braids are the easiest way to keep up with busy windy days. According to the oldest traditions, a girl’s hair was braided by her mother for different reasons. Nowadays, beauty parlors make a lot of money designing braids for both men and women for different occasions.


Beginner’s guide for hair braids


The starting point for all hair braids is basically the same. Here are a few things you should know before you start. First of all, you need to prepare the necessary tools. After that, you need to learn the correct ways of parting the hair and finally to learn about the products you need to use. Before learning more advanced techniques, you must learn the basics, because the beautiful hairdos you see on other women are derived from the most common one.

Hair braiding is a form of art

There are various styles of hair braids and throughout history women experimented with different hairdos for both aesthetic and practical reasons. The trend was born in Africa and in our days almost every country has its own traditional style. It’s true that it is time consuming, but the advantage is that this attractive style can last for more three months, depending of course on the braids’ size. Braiding is more than just going to a beauty salon, spending time or money; it is a form of art and over the years, new techniques were discovered making it at the same time convenient and stylish.


About different styles of hair braiding


As mentioned before, every country developed its own specific hair braids style. For example, the English braid, which is a basic style, begins at the nape of the neck designing it with left-over-middle and right-over-middle actions and securing it with hair elastic at the bottom. The French braid resembles the English one. The difference is that the hair is not divided into 3 parts. You do not start from the nape of the neck, but at your forehead with smaller sections leaving the rest hanging. You can create a tighter braid if you want by adding strands from all sides of your head making sure that all your hair is secured or you can just do down on the back of your scalp creating a loose braid.

A very popular style is the Swiss braid and you can see it very often in high fashion shows. It can be created by crossing 2 braids at the neck and lifting them up, on the top of your head looking like a crown. The crown braid is perfect for formal hair styles and proms and it looks good on everyone. It is similar to the Swiss braid but it is harder to achieve. Once achieved, the results are amazing. Another popular style is the classic or schoolgirl braid. The hair is divided in 2 and braided both sides identically. Generally, the style is popular for young girls but because of its youthful look, adults adopted it too.


Generally, the style is popular for young girls but because of its youthful look, adults adopted it too.

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