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About the San Diego Aids Raids


First and foremost, there has been an increase in the number of people affected with HIV/AIDs worldwide. It is reported that, millions of people have been infected by the virus and the disease worldwide. It is on record that Africa is the continent, with the highest reported cases of HIV/AIDs. This is as result of factors such as poverty, poor education about the dangers of the disease. The first reported case of HIV/AIDs was first discovered among the homosexual community in the USA. There have been raids that have been organized by neglected HIV/AIDs patience across the world hence, the San Diego raids.


Adding to that, the San Diego raids covers not only AIDs but include immigration raids as well. These were organized to deport illegal immigrants from San Diego. This resulted in parents being separated from their children. Most of these illegal immigrants are usually from South America and Mexico. The San Diego raids also involve young Native American teens investigating the devastating effects the disease has on their community.


Furthermore, these teens usually work in collaboration with the local health centers in San Diego to ensure effective education on the dangers of the disease is made public to the youth. There have been other raids namely the raids by the cross jurisdiction narcotic task force of San Diego. This was carried on a hospital to try to eradicate all access to medical marijuana. Also HIV which stands for Human Immune Virus is a Virus that attacks the immune system, whiles AIDs which stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome The San Diego AIDs raids have helped reduced the spread of AIDs and addiction to marijuana, in San Diego and USA as a whole. As a result of the raids that have been carried out there, the help that has been given to AIDs and HIV patience has helped the lives of this patience. AIDs/HIV is not a respecter of persons and can therefore be acquired by anybody. The disease attacks the poor and the rich, the young and old. It is therefore important that efforts are put in place by everyone to ensure that the disease is eradicated completely.

Tips and comments

AIDs are the disease that results from the destruction of the immune system of the body of humans. Countries have therefore invested heavily in medical science which has resulted in the discovery of retroviral drugs. Countries worldwide have also been providing AIDs patience with free medical assistance to prevent raids. This is because; raids usually have negative consequences on the economy.
Lastly the San Diego AIDs and medical marijuana raids indicates that the US as a country is putting in so much efforts to ensure that, citizens are properly taken care of medically. It is therefore important that efforts are put in place by the developed countries to support poor African countries and other poor countries of Asia and South America to be able to control the disease. These efforts can be in the form of retroviral drugs given free to these countries.


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