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AIDS or acquired immune deficiency syndrome is one of the most dreaded diseases in the world today. It has caused a lot of controversy since it was first discovered a few decades ago. The problem with AIDS and its predecessor, HIV or human immunodeficiency virus is that these do not present any symptom until the condition is already full-blown. AIDS and pneumonia actually has a lot more in common than what people think.


About AIDS

There was a time when AIDS and HIV were highly feared by people all over the world because it was the number cause of death among adults in the United States. Since the epidemic began, over 25 million people have already died. People began putting up awareness programs and several other campaigns that aimed to let others know about the dangerous effects and how it is transmitted in the first place. The early stage of the disease is known as HIV. It is a type of virus that particularly attacks the immune system of the body, rendering it helpless against different diseases and infections that should normally be treated and defended by the natural disease fighters in the body. Healthy individuals do not have to worry about pneumonia, the common cold, parasites or bacterial infection because these are normally helped by medications and the natural immune response. With the presence of AIDS, the body will be very vulnerable and the person can die because of such minor health problems.


Spreading AIDS

Experts say that the number one way to get rid of AIDS and pneumonia is awareness and prevention, because transmission can be sudden and instant. The most common way to transmit the disease is through sexual interaction. Different fluids in the body can carry the virus, such as semen, blood, breast milk, vaginal fluid and spinal fluid. These fluids can be transferred during sex, by exchanging needles or through breastfeeding. People should get all the information about their sexual partner and use the precautionary tools like condoms. Needles should also only be used only once to prevent AIDS and pneumonia.

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When Pneumonia Comes

The symptoms of AIDS or HIV can remain dormant until 8 to 10 years after infection, which is why people carrying the disease usually stay and appear healthy for the first several years without any idea that they have the problem. A diagnostic test called the ELISA test will confirm that they have the condition because other diagnostic measures are not that accurate and results can vary among individuals. The person with AIDS will start to present weakening and being prone to the smallest types of bacterial, viral and fungal infections. They always have fever, flu, colds, cough and other symptoms of regular diseases because the immune system is no longer capable of fighting off infection. AIDS and pneumonia will eventually cause death as the person's lungs fills up with water and the person no longer has the capacity to breathe normally due to the bacterial invasion. Even by taking medications, these will only provide little results. There is no cure to AIDS so prognosis is very poor.

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