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Top 5 Beauty Aids For Your Health


Natural beauty products are a great way to enhance the inner beauty as they work with the outer body but simultaneously provide good health. There are many health beauty aids. Nowadays people have a good deal of awareness about what to use and what not to use. These health beauty aids which this article entails are not gender specific, rather they work effectively for both the genders and can delight anyone interested in a natural lifestyle.


The first to the list of top five beauty aids for the health is Aromatherapy, this is a practice which uses natural oils which are extracted from the stems, leaves, roots, barks or from the other parts of a plant. In Aromatherapy the person is made to inhale the aromas of these oil, the therapy is believed to stimulate brain function, relax the body as when the oils are absorbed in the body they travel through the blood streams and heal the body. It is also an alternative medical practice for mood enhancement and pain relief. Thus, these are complete health beauty aids, which target the inner as well as the outer body. Making on number two is the famous and the very old practice of hot oil massages and treatments. Hot oil treatment helps to give life to dry, dull and frizzy hair, it even helps to put life in hair which are excessively damaged with hot irons or thongs, it is the most natural way to enhance health and beauty as the massage helps the blood circulation in the brain and simultaneously give shiny, glossy hair.


The third health beauty aid is exercise. There is an assumption amongst many of us that exercise only helps to be fit and healthy but the recent reports tell that it is equally effective for the beauty as well. The positive impacts of exercise include the skin that absorbs sunlight due to outdoor exercising and shinier, healthier hair. Make sure that you use sunscreen however. Exercise is also beneficial for a proper, healthy blood circulation of the body. Because of the circulation to the scalp, the blood rich in oxygen reaches the hair follicles, making the hair healthier. Thus exercise is also one of the complete health beauty aids package. The fourth spot is taken by facials. Facials are something which are available at the high end parlous and also some which can be easily done at home. There are many different kinds of facials and each targets special needs of the customers, for example, whitening facial, aging facial, facial for dark spots etc, other than that it sloughs off dead cells and gives a younger looking skin and also stimulating blood circulation.

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Another health beauty aid which is making the most vibes these days is the Ayurvedic treatment. Ayurveda is a science dealing not only with treatment of some diseases but is a complete way of life. It is now used for almost everything from weight loss, removing dark spots, evening skin tone to even stress management. The treatment uses different kinds of herbs and it’s a relatively safe way from getting rid of ailments. Thus these herbs also proves to be good health and beauty aids.

By Amara, published at 02/09/2012
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