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Information About Bridesmaids Dresses


Bridesmaid is someone who is an integral part of the wedding, giving moral support to the bride to be. She can be any one, from a close friend to sisters or cousins. During the hectic time of the wedding and while planning for it, bridesmaid can be a great source of help, by running errands, giving advice etc. One of the essential part of being a bridesmaid is having the right kind of dress that goes perfectly with the wedding party theme and stands out from the dresses of the rest of the guest. Thus bridesmaids dresses are of prime importance when planning the wedding. When choosing bridesmaids dresses, it should be the bride’s privilege to select the color and the type of fabric. It should complement the bride’s gown. It should be comfortable and attractive but should not be so glamorous that it gets the guests’ eyes off the bride’s dress.


Consideration should be given to the style, color and the budget. A-line dresses look good on many body types and are very popular too. The most in trend these days are two tones, sleeveless, halter top and criss-cross over the back. Another in trend is draping a shawl over the bare shoulder. Color scheme is also of central importance. Platinum is the trendy color of the season, so is burgundy and hunter, but powder pink is an all time favorite. While selecting the bridesmaids dresses, material is also an important factor to consider, many designers today are using fabrics like velvet, crepe, silk and net. These days it’s a trend to combine two to three different fabrics together.


It is important that while selecting the bridesmaids dresses, bride’s and the bridesmaids’ choice and taste is kept in mind. It is very essential and crucial how the bridesmaids look like and how they feel. So while selecting the dress it should be a complete package of budget, personality, shape and size. The opinion of the bridesmaids helps reach the final decision, because bridesmaids are the ones who are standing up for the big day so it is important that they are not embarrassed or humiliated by making them uncomfortable in a dress which is probably not their style. One the other hand, as a bridesmaid one should be flexible and willing to compromise to a certain extent for the brides taste. However the bridesmaid should not pick a dress that she will wear it for once only. If the dress is not liked then it should be given to a charity store, maybe where the other person loves the dress and be thrilled to get a bargain.

Tips and comments

Bridesmaids dresses and the planning which goes in, takes a considerable amount of time so make sure you leave enough time for the second and third opinion. Moreover, the planning of the dresses is important in advance so that the last minute goes in deciding the flowers and the accessories that will go with the dress so that the wedding day for the bride is one to remember and be smooth and a happy one.

By Amara, published at 02/09/2012
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