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How Do You Catch Aids And Hiv?

Published at 02/09/2012 18:44:47


Aids and HIV are some of the diseases that are most feared by most people in the world today. This is because they cause adverse effects that later on cause death. In addition to this, they are believed to have no cure at all although a person can use some medicines to induce the pain that comes with the diseases. As such, there are some ways that you can easily catch Aids and HIV and you need to be careful so that you don’t end up being one of the infected persons. This is because the diseases are mostly termed as highway to grave especially if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Keep reading to learn how well you can catch Aids and HIV.

Ways through which you get Infected with Aids and Hiv

Blood Transmission

You can easily catch Aids and HIV through blood transfusion from a person who is already infected. On the other hand, you can still get the viruses through blood and blood contact from a person who is already infected. As such, it is important to ensure that the blood has completely been examined to you before it can be transfused to you.

Sharing Needles

This is one of the most known ways of catching Aids and HIV and most people are used to using shared needles to do so many things. For instance, those people who do drugs tend to share needles not knowing that they stand a high chance of catching Aids and HIV. Additionally, when you visit most hospitals, they tend to share needles that are used for medication and this in turn can infect another person with the viruses. It is therefore important o ensure that a new needle is used when administering medication or drug use to avoid transmission from being caused to the negative person.

Ways through which you get Infected with Aids and Hiv

Sexual Transmission

The quick and easy way of catching Aids and HIV is through having unprotected sex. There are many people who have a tendency of having unprotected sex claiming that they know their sex partners best. The truth behind it is that the chances of getting the virus are very high and as such it is important to have protected sex at all times.

Additionally, you can catch Aids and HIV by having anal intercourse without having any protection. This happens mostly if the person has open cuts or wounds that are bleeding especially inside the mouth cavity. This is very dangerous as it can easily cause the transmission of the viruses from an infected person to a person who is not infected.

Mother to Baby Transmission

In most cases, if a mother has Aids and HIV during pregnancy, the chances of exposing the baby to the viruses are very high. This is because the mother tends to emit amniotic fluid which protects the baby while in the womb. The baby can easily contact the virus through this fluid. In addition ton this, babies can still catch Aids and HIV through being breastfed. In most cases, it has been ruled out the viruses can easily be transmitted to the baby i.e. from mother to child. As such, infected mothers are advised not to breastfeed their babies to avoid infecting them with the viruses.

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