Diseases AIDS

How Does a Person Get Aids

Published at 02/15/2012 22:33:29


The well being of the human health poses as an integral part in the productivity of mankind. Consequently, people endeavor to stay healthy for their benefit and that of their families and friends. There exists little doubt as to the fact that good health ultimately translates to wealth. The way humans conduct themselves in their daily routines aids how their health culminates. Therefore, mankind must engage in healthy practices to ward off any pathogens lurking in the environs. In the modern times, HIV/AIDS has emerged as one of the diseases, which elicit chills down people’s spines. It acts as a destroyer of the body’s defense mechanisms; thereby opening up the victims to attacks by other organisms. The weakness of the defense systems aids how the other pathogens would last in the human’s body structure. The white blood cells usually pose as the face of the anatomical structure's defense systems. As a result, it always bears the brunt of the destruction from the HIV virus.


All cadres of the society inevitably find themselves susceptible to this disease. The possession of tidbits on the syndrome always aids how AIDS would become a reality. All humans must have apt knowledge on the various entry points for the AIDS virus. The organisms would enter the anatomical structure through parts such as vaginas, mouths, penises and anal components. Accordingly, there exists one type of modality, which aids how the virus gets access to the entry channels.

How People Get Aids

  1. Having unprotected sex with multiple partners. Unprotected sex includes oral, anal and vaginal sex. The emission of semen or a vaginal fluid aids how an infected person would pass on the virus to other sexual partners. Furthermore, having a type of STI also aids how the virus materializes into AIDS. Sexual transmission usually involves guy-girl relationships, girl-girl and guy-guy relationships.
  2. Using needles in collaboration with other infected peers. Occurs through tattooing, ear piercing or medical injections. Such a procedure aids how the virus enters the body system of an uninfected person. Subsequently, people must desist from sharing needles with one another.
  3. Kissing AIDS victims whilst they have mouth wounds also gives people AIDS. The presence of wound aids how the organisms get into the blood system and make the leucocytes powerless.
  4. Breast feeding an uninfected infant while the mother contains HIV virus. Subsequently, this leads to the mother-to-child transmission. Therefore, HIV-positive mothers must feed their babies with other alternative milk sources like powdered milk. Additionally, transmission occurs while the baby is still a fetus. The umbilical chord aids how the transmission occurs between the infected mother and her unborn child.
  5. Coming into contact with the blood of an infected person. The situation becomes direr when the contact involves an open wound. Health professionals and body art specialists find themselves at prevalent risks in this aspect.

Tips and comments

Astute information about the infection models always aids how people could tackle the AIDS pandemic. Furthermore, humans must realize that these ways of getting AIDS also lead to other diseases like Hepatitis.