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What Is the Date Of World Aids Day


Well, all are aware about the dreadful disease Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and the related health problems with it. It is one of the major diseases in the world, which has no proper cure till date. It is caused by a virus known as HIV. The person diagnosed with AIDS, will have the system immunity affected. The body of the person becomes vulnerable and will not have the strength to fight any infections. AIDS has taken many lives till date and still continues to do so. Today around 34 million people are affected by AIDS.


In order to remember the people who died because of this dreadful disease and also to create awareness amongst people, December 01 of every year is celebrated as World AIDS Day. In 1995, President of USA declared officially this in the United States of America, and then other countries of the world followed suit. The concept was first thought out by two World Health Organization (WHO) officials James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter in Geneva in the year 1987. They proposed the same to the director of global program for AIDS, who liked the idea and recommended the same. They came up with 01 December as the date since they felt that it would not coincide or interfere with the elections in the US during November, or the celebration of Christmas. Since, then it is being celebrated as World AIDS Day and from the year 1995 it is official all over the world.


Since its inception, the program is headed by the UNAIDS (Global Program on AIDS) which is a wing of WHO. For each of the World AIDS Day, a theme has been constituted every year from 1987. The theme is not just planned for that day alone, but through out the year, various programs are held in order to create awareness on the prevention of disease, disease itself, treatment and care. Apart from the World AIDS Day, there is also AIDS Awareness Month. Generally month of December is celebrated as AIDS Awareness Month. Following section gives the list of themes in respective years till date –
1988 Communication
1989 Youth
1990 Women and AIDS
1991 Sharing the Challenge
1992 Community Commitment
1993 Act
1994 AIDS and the Family
1995 Shared Rights, Shared Responsibilities
1996 One World. One Hope.
1997 Children Living in a World with AIDS
1998 Force for Change: World AIDS Campaign with Young People
1999 Listen, Learn, Live: World AIDS Campaign with Children & Young People
2000 AIDS: Men Make a Difference
2001 I care. Do you?
2002 Stigma and Discrimination
2003 Stigma and Discrimination
2004 Women, Girls, HIV and AIDS
2005 Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise
2006 Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise – Accountability
2007 Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise – Leadership
2008 Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise – Lead – Empower – Deliver
2009 Universal Access and Human Rights
2010 Universal Access and Human Rights
2011 Getting to Zero
2012 Getting to Zero

Tips and comments

Red ribbon is the symbol worldwide for representing AIDS.
It is a major health movement all over the world.
It gives information on myths and busts of HIV.
There are many events organized on account of World AIDS Day.
People are welcome to donate for creating and spreading more awareness on AIDS.
People are also welcome to volunteer for the campaigns all over the world.
One can get to know more about campaigns and events through various website


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