Diseases AIDS

Symptoms And Treatment Of Aids

Published at 02/23/2012 16:34:57


The disease Aids is known to mankind for more than 30 years now. AIDS is a modern epidemic present in every part of world without race, gender and age discrimination. AIDS is a disease of both low and high economic group. It is acquired immunodeficiency syndrome that is caused by a virus named HIV (human immunodeficiency virus); this virus is known to attack type CD 4 red blood cells and hence left the diseased person within a state for immune deficiency. It’s not the primary disease that kills rather the aids symptoms are due to super infection from the modified immune system. It’s the 6th leading cause of death in United States. The body left vulnerable may show variety of aids symptoms. Therefore in a highly infected area one should not ignore the aids symptoms as even the appear mild. The key to knowing aids symptoms is about studying them.


The aids symptoms can be general ranging from fever, chills, weakness, unexplained rapid weight loss, lymph nodes swelling, night sweats and recurrent infections. Some patients are diagnosed with untreatable pneumonia and skin lesions called Kaposi sarcoma. Headache and muscle ache are also important aids symptoms. The swollen lymph nodes can be found in groin, neck and axilla. Sometimes there are no aids symptoms and it remains quiet inside humans for years. The aids symptoms can appear in patients shortly after infection too. Its important clinical knowledge because its can be carried away from the infected person without knowing through various daily life contact. The aids symptoms can appear as malaria, pneumonia, Tuberculosis, gastroenteritis and other systemic infections.


Who to look for aids symptoms? Owing to its huge undiagnosed case reports, the aids symptoms can be ignored or treated generally for the time sake. Aids show one hundred percent mortality and fatality rates, the reasons behind are its aggressive nature of attack and the pathophysiology of weakening the body defenses. The population who should look out for aids symptoms in them is: homosexuals, sex workers, those who have had blood transfusion, person with infections present most of the time of the year, drug abusers, sharing same blades for shaving etc., person travelling through aids infected area, or low CD4 blood count ( < 200 cells). Flu like aids symptoms are also commonly observed. Other aids symptoms may include numbness, paralysis, pelvic inflammatory diseases, chronic cough, and increasing shortness of breath, personality changes and severe frequent fungal infections.


Patients infected with HIV almost always suffer from aids symptoms if not treated earl and properly. HIV virus is a retrovirus. Their specific characteristics can be the target of our treatment plan. There is always a feared aids epidemic. There is a huge work going on to find a complete and effective treatment regime for aids symptoms and etiology. There is a collection of medicines to treat aids/HIV at present. These consist of drugs that can boost one’s immune system and provide relief to super added infections also covers anti-viral and anti-retroviral drugs. These are expensive and have side effects but they are known to increase life span and quality of life through the suffering process. New treatment and research promises bright future.