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How To Choose Your Wedding Bridesmaids


Marriage unlike all the other important occasions of your life is the only one that becomes a strong bond between two families. The measure of happiness is undoubtedly the highest for both the families. It is an occasion that entails the participation of each and every family member too apart from the bride and groom. It is therefore necessary for the bride and grooms to make sure that everyone is really happy and they have the blessings of their loved ones. When it comes to the bride, she has to pick the most amazing and pretty dress for the wedding, which will not only touch the heart of her groom, rather it will be a source of comfort for her family too. Apart from the selection of the bride’s dress, another task is worth noticing and this is the selection of the wedding bridesmaids. As the wedding bridesmaids are usually the friends, sisters or cousins of the bride, it is therefore a very gruesome task as it requires a lot more than just selecting a bridesmaids dress.

Step 1

If your wedding day drawing nearer and you want to know how to pick your wedding bridesmaids then, here are a few tips to do so. If you are holding a very large wedding then a big group of bridesmaids is a good choice.

Step 2

Choose three wedding bridesmaids and try picking them from both sides of the family. Try to choose those with whom you feel closer to, rather than choosing someone just because you don’t want to hurt their feelings. Do not feel down if the person whom you want to be your bridesmaid turns you down, try choosing those who are honest with you and with whom it will be fun to shop and hang out

Step 3

Try picking the grown up girls or your age fellows for being your wedding bridesmaids. Make sure that the dress that you've chosen is something that they also want to wear, this will bring them closer to you or else they will feel all stressed up for the wedding.

Step 4

When picking the wedding bridesmaids make sure that they all are happy with their dresses, may be one of them is fat and the dress does not suit her at all, it will be an insult to her, so simply let them choose with you. Another most important thing about the wedding bridesmaids is that it is not always necessary to choose your wedding bridesmaids to be the woman; rather your brother or your best friend could also be a perfect bridesmaid as the wedding bridesmaids are meant to be the bride’s support. It is not necessary to return the favor if someone asked you to be their bridesmaid, pick what you feel best.

Step 5

Make sure that you give a handwritten invitation because a wedding a formal event. Never send invites via email especially if you want  them on your wedding entourage.


The key is to stick around with those whom you love and let them feel that you want to be with them in those last days of your wedding and everything else will fall perfectly.

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