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the Side Effects From Breast Cancer Chemotherapy


Chemotherapy is a treatment that is used to destroy any cancerous cells that are in your body. Not only does the chemotherapy go after the cancer cells but it also affects the normal cells of your body which ends up making a person going through chemotherapy weakened and frail. It used to be when a woman was diagnosed with breast cancer she only had one or two options today though there are several options for treatment. Chemotherapy is one of those treatment options along with surgery to remove the breast, radiation therapy and hormone therapy. Chemotherapy is used to treat breast cancer that is in its early stages. The earlier treatment is started the better to destroy all of the cancer cells, to prevent the cancer from spreading and coming back. It is also used to treat breast cancer that has reached the advanced stages.

Side Effects of Chemotherapy For Breast Cancer

When going through chemotherapy for breast cancer a woman can end up experiencing several to many different side effects. Some of the most common side effects from chemotherapy include: nausea, vomitting, fatigue, anemia, taste and smell changes, sores in the mouth, hair loss, infection, diarrhea, infertility, menopause. There are some medications that your doctor can prescribe to manage your symptoms. Other side effects that have been noted are soreness and swelling of the mucuous membranes, aching and numbess of the joints, hands and feet, rashes, retaining fluid and an irritated bladder. Not every women will experience these side effects, some may experience only a few, while others will experience more and some women could experience something entirely different.

How Is Chemotherapy Given To A Breast Cancer Patient?

Chemotherapy medicines can be given a few different ways. One such being intravenously through an IV. If you feel any burning sensation or pain with an IV tell your nurse. It is also given by a single shot injection in the arm, leg or hip. It can be given orally with a pill or capsule. It can be given through a Port. A port is a small disc made of plastic or metal that is put in the chest during surgery. Another way chemotherapy is given is through a catheter in your arm or chest.

Tips and comments

Some helpful information to help you get through chemotherapy. It is a good idea to go to the dentist to get a teeth cleaning before you start because you won't be able to once the chemo starts. Having chemo you can end up having several mouth sores so getting a teeth cleaning first would help. Go shopping for a beautiful wig now before you lose all of your hair. Find something cute and that you would normally wear like if you're a blonde how about trying a redheaded wig out instead. Stock up on lotion and lip balm. You will need these because the chemotherapy will dry out your skin. Buy some bronzer for when your face becomes paler. Also learn how to cook more healthy dishes so you can keep your energy levels up. You don't want to be eating junk foods like doughnuts or chips. Drink lots of water and don't eat any foods that have hormones in them. A great food to eat is cabbage. Cabbage is a great detoxifier. Another great food that will help with the nausea symptoms is ginger. Eat some ginger raw, or cut some fresh ginger and cook with it.

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