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Who Is At Risk For Breast Cancer?

Before going into the detail of breast cancer, it is important to understand what cancer means in general a term. Cancer is identified as the unusual growth of the cells in a part of the body. Cancer is the name given to a group of diseases that is caused by such abnormal growth of the cells. The unusual growth of the cells is the reason for various tumors in the body. However, it is not necessary that every tumor should be cancerous in nature. There are many other symptoms, which are attached with cancer other than the tumors.

Cancer of the breast is one of the many forms of cancer that is caused by the abnormal growth of the breast tissues. This disease has been reported mostly among mammals that have milk ducts. This type of cancer can be identified by a lump on the breast tissue, but this and other symptom is hard to be recognized as cancer because they often start with minor infections. Moreover, this type of cancer is believed to be caused due to some hormonal and environmental changes.

History of breast cancer:

The history of cancer breast can be dated back to early civilizations. This type of cancer is believed to be the oldest form as it can be traced back into early Egyptian civilization. The history of many civilizations shows that such disease existed among the women of that time, and many physicians tried their knowledge to find the cure. However, it was in a late 17th century when cancer of the breast was discovered and removed by the French surgeons. At that time, the treatment included the removal of both breasts to eradicate the lump, but that treatment caused permanent disability for the patient. Therefore, many women at that time preferred not to go into the treatment. With the advent of technology and research this treatment was improved and made less painful than before.

Individual at the risk of cancer breast:

The research and studies conducted on many cancer breast patients suggest that it is mostly caused by hormonal and environmental change, but apart from them. There are some factors, which increase the probability of cancer breast. The research shows that the factors which can become a cause of breast cancer among the women other than genes are weight, ethnicity, exposure to radiation, breast implants, breastfeedin and, menstrual history. These factors can become the sources of cancer breast without showing any alarming symptoms to the individual.

Tips to prevent breast cancer:

Although the genetic factor of the cancer breast cannot be avoided, other factors that might become the cause can be prevented by following certain simple tips. First and most importantly, maintaining a healthier lifestyle helps in preventing such cancers by boosting the immune system. Secondly, by preventing the use of carcinogen element not only cancer breast, but other serious diseases can be avoided.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 02/10/2012
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