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Common Symptoms Of Cancer

Published at 02/14/2012 17:17:09


Indications such as the symptoms cancer bears are the determining factors if there is something wrong with your body or system. They are signs of potential ailments, injuries and diseases. Cancer is one of the major killers in this modern age. It has altered and affected thousands of lives every year. The signs and symptoms of such ailment must not be taken nonchalantly but should be given the proper attention.


The signs and symptoms cancer will vary depending on its size, location and how it affects the tissues or organs. Signs and symptoms can appear in various locations of the body if the cancer has metastasized or spread. As a cancer progresses, it can start to cause damages to nearby nerves, blood vessels and organs.

Common Symptoms of Cancer

Individuals nowadays must be aware of the general signs and symptoms cancer. These symptoms can be very irritating and distressing for the affected patients. An individual having these symptoms does not necessarily mean that the individual has cancer. These symptoms can be caused by various factors as well. However, you should consult a physician or health expert whenever these symptoms are already aggravating or lasting for a long period of time.
• Severe fever is very common among all forms of cancer. This symptom usually happens after the cancer has dispersed from where it originated. The majority of the cancer patients will experience severe fever at certain times. Fever can occur if the treatments or the cancer has affected the patient’s immune system. Fever should not be taken lightly since they can be indication of blood cancers such as lymphoma and leukemia.
• Pain in certain areas of the body can be a sign or symptom of cancer. Back pain may signify patients that they have cancer of the rectum, ovary or colon. Extreme pain in your bones can signify that you have a bone cancer in your system. Stubborn headaches that could not be cured or reduced by medication could be a symptom or sign of brain tumor.
• Fatigue is another common symptom of such medical condition. Tiredness that could not be alleviated with the ample amount of rest may be symptoms of cancers like stomach cancer and leukemia.
• Unexplained and unintended weight loss can be the first sign of cancer. Patients that have lost 10 pounds without specific reasons and explanations should consult a health expert immediately. These could be symptoms of cancer in the lungs, esophagus, stomach or pancreas.
• Skin disorders and changes can be signs of cancer. The symptoms and signs could involve skin changes such as hyper pigmentation, erythema, pruritis, excessive hair growth and jaundice.

Tips and comments

Having one symptom or sign is not enough to determine the causes of such symptom or to conclude that it is a manifestation of one or more of the symptoms cancer. For instance, rashes can be caused by various ailments such as food allergy, skin infection, measles and poison ivy. The best way to identify the root is to visit to the nearest medical facility.

Cancer is currently the world’s biggest killer. Approximately 40 percent of premature deaths in adults are caused by such medical ailment. Individuals should prevent suffering from the complications of this medical ailment by treating the early signs and symptoms cancer.