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What Information To Put on a Cancer Bracelet


Medical alert bracelets have worked to save countless lives everyday all over the globe, among these are cancer bracelet which when properly labeled can make a lot of difference in the life of the person and others society. Recording the medical details of a loved one on a bracelet ensures that incase of any occurrence people will be able to be aware of the issues affecting the individual and respond appropriately.


Cancer bracelet has become one of the popular ways drawing the attention of the masses about the existence of the condition and how to deal and cope with cancer. The cancer bracelet not only draws attention to the condition but also seeks to offer social support for the people who are suffering from cancer in the society. Most chronic illnesses have a lot of stigma attached to them and cancer is no different. Cancer patients are often discriminated against in society and this can give a hard time to the already sick person who is battling the ravages of cancer and the subsequent treatment options. By donning the cancer bracelet society members show solidarity and support for the people who have been diagnosed with different types of cancers.


The cancer bracelet must consider all types of cancer hence the variety of colors, different sizes should cater for different ages. The pink cancer bracelet shows support for people battling with breast cancer. Amber-colored cancer bracelet indicates social support for people suffering from appendix cancer while marigold, blue and purple colored bracelet indicates support for those suffering from bladder cancer. Grey cancer bracelet indicates support for brain cancer while zebra stripes cancer bracelet is for support to carcinoid cancer. Individuals can choose to don the multi-colored cancer bracelet which is meant to show support for all types of cancers.

The cancer bracelet should have a simple message engraved on it which says:

  • Say it
  • Fight it
  • Cure it


The message on the cancer bracelet seeks to get people talking about cancer as a beginning point for acknowledgement about the existence of the condition. As people engage in discussion and research the society is fights to deal with cancer and together all the efforts made come to bear on cancer to cure the condition.

In order to ensure that the message on the cancer bracelet gets to the people without too many explanations required it must be simple enough to understand. At the same time the message must be gripping enough to the people who read it so as to provoke some kind of response to them. The response may lead to discussions about the real issues that cause cancer and the subsequent stigma that follows a diagnosis. Discussions on why people stigmatize the cancer patient are provoked by the cancer bracelet which focuses on ensuring that in future the patients will not be stigmatized. On the other hand the message is aimed at provoking strong feelings that will drive and fuel the research for cure to all types of cancer in a bid to eradicate this threat to humanity.


By Raphael Raphael, published at 02/23/2012
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