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What Is the Common Treatment For Breast Cancer ?

Published at 03/02/2012 21:41:19


The world is fast growing into a place where there are social economic developments and on the contrary there are elevated dangers that accompany these changes. The more people grow and deviate from the use of natural products and shift to artificial ones, the more the exposure to such diseases like cancer. Breast cancer for instance has cropped up into our society with a current estimate of more than 2.5 million people living with cancer in the United States alone. It is a disease that is known for tumor characteristics referred to as carcinoma.


Breast Cancer's first diagnosis was found with women from Hispanic origin and today it has claimed a worldwide coverage that gives it the magnitude of being an epidemic. Cancer treatment for breast neoplasm dates back to the time of the disease diagnosis with different techniques being put in play, these include chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.

This medical condition is of great concern today because of the increasing number of cases and resultant deaths caused by its influence. It was first accorded inferior forms of treatment in the earlier times which were accompanied with poor results since there were no specific equipments and instruments to use and manage this condition. Surgical excision was in high use since other therapy modes like radiation were not invented. This was only done at the later stages of the disease owing to the fact that there was no close monitoring of the disease from early stages but when fully blown with outward revelations in the 18th century. Breast cancer treatment is now delivered in very many forms of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and by surgery operations otherwise coming in three forms as lumpectomy, Quadrantectomy and mastectomy.

Treating of cancer of the breast is done by following procedural steps that starts with the screening of those people at risk of the infection as it is believed that early detection allows form better management of treatment. The use of monoclonal antibodies in treatment is an advance way therapy for cancer of the breast. In order to closely monitor the disease, there is need to understand the stages of the disease with variety of stage zero which is the marker condition referred to as pre-cancerous stage. What follows this is the stage two to three where there is prevalence of the disease spreading over the breast and only limited to the regional lymph nodes without infecting the other neighboring tissues. The third stage of breast cancer is fully grown stage whereby the tumor has fully established itself to less favorable prognosis in metastatic stage.

Breast cancer treatment at stage one is done by lumpectomy and at times radiation with rare cases employing the use of chemotherapy. The last grades of breast cancer in stage 4 has poor prognosis and combines all the treatments available as monoclonal antibodies, hormone blocking therapies and adjuvants administration. Breast cancer treatment by beam radiotherapy and this works on the principle of destroying the tumor cells at the base of the neoplasm.


Breast cancer is a disease that is popular with women and in some rare cases, men can also be found to have this condition. It affects the inner lining of milk ducts of the breast tissue and is also referred to as malignant breast neoplasm.

Tips and comments

Cancer treatment involves a lot of dedication on the part of the parties involved the medical practitioners and the patient for better results. Carcinogenic materials found within our environment must also be handled with utmost care in order to reduce the risk factors for this epidemic.