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What Is a Cancer Ribbon

Published at 02/24/2012 20:38:39


Everywhere, you look you can find a ribbon, medal or bracelet supporting a cause. Some of the most common types of ribbon are the cancer ribbon. The purpose of a cancer ribbon is to either show support of someone whom you love or care about. It can also show the support for a certain type of cancer. Each color represents a different type of cancer.



The cancer ribbon color represents a different type of cancer. The purpose of the ribbon is to show the support of a certain cause. The pink ribbon is the most common type of ribbon that is displayed mostly due to the fact that Breast Cancer is one of the most common forms of Cancer, especially in women. Many family members, survivors and organizations show their support by displaying or wearing the pink ribbon.

Meaning of Ribbon Colors

There are several different types of cancer ribbons based off of the color which shows the person's support. 

Orange- The orange ribbon stands for Leukemia, and Kidney Cancer

Yellow- The Yellow ribbon stands for Bladder Cancer, and Liver Cancer 

Green- The Green ribbon stands for Kidney Cancer 

Blue- The Blue ribbon stands for Colon Cancer

Purple- The Purple ribbon stands for Pancreatic Cancer, Thyroid Cancer, or a survivor of any type of Cancer 

White- The White ribbon stands for Bone Cancer

Brown- The Brown ribbon stands for Colorectal Cancer 

Gray- The Gray ribbon stands for Brain Cancer 

Pink- The Pink ribbons stands for Breast Cancer 

Tips and comments

There are several different types of cancer ribbons that anyone can get to show support of their loved ones. Some of the most common ways others have shown their support are:

Buying a car sticker to put on their car. They can come in all colors, and most companies ship worldwide.

Buying an actual color ribbon and tying it onto a tree in the front of their house or on their door post.

Buying a pin and wearing the pin show your support or showing that you yourself are a survivor of Cancer.

Many people are amazed by Cancer survivor stories not just by the survivor themselves, but from family members as well. Cancer is a very hard thing to go through and hard to watch someone go through. The truth is the ribbon is a reminder of what a disease can do. It is a constant reminder of how much pain it can cause and how everyone is affected by it, in one way or another. The ribbons can also be a direct way of letting others know what someone is going through without having to make an announcement about it. The person with Cancer and the family tend to already be in a sensitive spot so showing them that you support them and are willing to stand with them in the fight against their Cancer you can always get a ribbon that matches to the type of Cancer, whom they have. It is a subtle gesture and will be very much appreciated by the family as well as the person with the diagnosis.


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