Symptoms And Treatment Of Small Cell Lung Cancer
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Symptoms And Treatment Of Small Cell Lung Cancer

Published at 02/25/2012 20:50:27


Symptoms And Treatment Of Small Cell Lung Cancer

SCLC – which is the abbreviated form of small cell lung cancer, is said to spread even more quickly than non-small cell normal lung cancer. Generally, we can divide Small cancer lung disease into two main types, namely Small cell carcinoma (popular as oat cell cancer) and combined small cell carcinoma. Generally, most of the Small cancer lung disease cases found is of oat cell cancer type. There are numerous symptoms, tests, and methods of treatment available in order to treat small cell lung cancer. If the tests are performed perfectly on time, based on the symptoms, then we can be assured of proven treatment methods and the rates of success for Small cancer lung disease.


Generally, the major symptoms associated with Small cancer lung disease are sputum with blood discharge, Chest pain, intense cough, loss of normal appetite in certain cases, breathlessness very easily, loss of weight, and gasping for breath. These symptoms should be checked very seriously, and if any two symptoms are found to be occurring simultaneously, then tests related to Small cancer lung disease must be done as soon as possible.

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There are other alternate symptoms which might occur with Small cancer lung disease. These are 1) Swelling of the facial region 2) Fever at regular intervals 3) Change in normal pitch of the voice 4) Difficulty in swallowing food properly 5) Weakness or even tiredness. These symptoms directly points towards SCLC disease. Therefore proper tests must be conducted and then the methods related to the treatment of SCLC must be started as soon as possible.

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There are various tests in order to determine Small cancer lung disease. These tests are 1) Chest X-ray 2) Scan of Bones within the body 3) Complete Blood Count 4) CT Scan 5) Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI 6) Test of the affected person’s sputum 7) Biopsy of open lungs 8) Biopsy of the Pleural region 9) Endoscopic Ultrasound with Biopsy and 10) Thoracoscopy which can be video aided. These tests will certainly help in determining the condition of the patient and whether he or she is affected from Small cancer lung disease or not.


The major form of treatment associated with this disease is Chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is a procedure used in case of patients who are affected with any form of cancer. Chemotherapy can be of two types namely Injective Chemotherapy and Radiation Chemotherapy. The form of Chemotherapy required in a particular case is decided by the medical professional based on the condition of the patient.


In most cases, along with Chemotherapy other drugs such as Carboplatin or Cisplatin are often used as drug etoposide for Chemotherapy. This can help the patient by preventing the further spread of the disease within the body. Generally, in case of SCLC patients, if he medical professional finds, that the disease is not completely curable, then drugs and medication can be used to reduce the other symptoms like Cough or breathlessness. Small lung cancer disease can be avoided if someone follows a very strict and punctual routine. Any form of cancer is very harmful to health and this disease should be treated in its earlier stages.