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Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

Published at 03/01/2012 19:24:48


Today there are very many diseases. Some are chronic while others are just thinking as being simple diseases. Cancer is also known as malignant neoplasm is one of the dangerous diseases that continue to rob the world a majority of its people especially when it is detected at later stages. Three different types of cancers ranging from thyroid cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer and also breast cancer, the symptoms differ in all these cancers but the treatment may be somehow the same.


Breast cancer can be fatal if detected at later stages and in many cases patients perish. However, if the disease is detected early then it is curable. It is however very hard to detect the symptoms as some do not show up at all. As we have noted above it is very hard to detect breast cancer at its initial stages. After some time the lumps may start appearing around the patient’s breasts or his armpits. The nipples may also in some instances discharge some bloody fluids. The breasts may also persist being tendered for long periods of time. All these symptoms should not be left to chance. It is therefore recommended that on observing these changes the patient should consult the doctor to determine whether they are cancerous or just normal breast infection.


Since breast cancer is rarely identifiable it is therefore advised for people to go for regular checkups. Breast cancer spreads within various stages. There are the initial stages and the advanced stages. Each one of these stages has its own symptoms and so it is easy to tell when a patient is on the advanced stage. The advanced stage of breast cancer happens when a malignant neoplasm has spread beyond the breast to the other parts of the body. The symptoms in this stage are severe as the patient experiences excruciating bone pains, have difficulties in breathing, loses his appetite, in some cases some patients even suffer from excessive weight loss.
There are different types of the breast cancer; one of them is known as the inflammatory breast cancer. This unlike the general symptoms grows in sheets and not in lumps. All these symptoms should alert the patient to taking extra measures of consulting the doctor. If indeed the patient is found to be suffering from Breast cancer then he should be put on to the next stage of treatment.

Tips and comments

Breast cancer treatment is expensive and very painful. Patients and their families are given time to prepare themselves financially mentally and physically. There are instances when victims do not even make it in the first round of chemotherapy. Loss of hair and weight should be experienced in the first stages and it is also very important to be mentally prepared. When detected early the infected breast could also be removed to arrest the Breast cancer and prevent it from spreading to other body parts. This can be a dangerous affair and the victims require constant counseling from professionals. The treatment of Breast cancer too is very painful which may even end up interfering with the victims self esteem.