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Cancer about considered to be one of the most fatal diseases of the world. Every year cancer stands to be the reason for the death of millions of peoples worldwide. There are various forms of cancer, about which we are well acquitted with. Examples of these cancers are Brain cancer, Liver cancer, Stomach cancer, Lung cancer, Blood cancer and other various forms of cancer. Generally, all these cancers have definite symptoms which help the medical professionals or Oncologists (Doctors who treat cancer) to determine the type. Certain types of cancer, about which we worry so much, can also be prevented if we lead a disciplined lifestyle. Following certain steps can help us to stay away from major forms of Liver, stomach, and lung cancer.

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1. Cancer, about which we have a misconception that it is a disease, is actually a condition arising within the body cells. Every cell within the body has a gene named proto-oncogene. When these proto-oncogenes turn into oncogenes, they start breaking the rules of cell division and even start metastasis. A proto-oncogene can be converted into an oncogene by various factors like carcinogenic agents. These agents can themselves be of various forms, like Nicotine, Asbestos particles etc… Generally lung cancers and stomach cancers are induced within the body due to exceptional high intake of Cigarette, Cigar or Alcohol. Even people working in nuclear plants and tobacco plantations can get induced forms of cancer in their lifetime.


2. Lung cancer, about which we worry so much, can be prevented to almost 70%, if we stop smoking at once. We must remember that the presence of Nicotine and Tar makes the Cigarettes, a very crucial source of lung cancer. Even people who are affected with passive smoking can be affected with these active carcinogens. Therefore, we must avoid smoking not only to save ourselves, but also the near and dear ones to us.

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3. Brain Cancer, about which there are numerous articles on the internet, can be formed due to malignant brain tumors. Often, if we have brain tumors, we tend to go for Biopsy test in order to determine this malignancy. There are two types of tumors namely malignant and benign. Benign tumors can be operated easily without any concern. But malignant brain tumors when operated can often reveal Brain cancer.

4. Stomach Cancer, about which we often hear about in hospitals, can be caused if we have the habit of consuming too much junk food and alcohol. Regular alcohol consumers are often affected with stomach cancer before they can be diagnosed. Thus, alcohol consumption should be limited, to very small extent.

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5. Ovarian cancer, about which the women often fear about, can be easily diagnosed if it is found that she is missing the normal scheduled periods. Various other forms of cancer, like for example Breast cancer in women can be treated if needed. For example, in order to treat a breast cancer affected woman, one of her affected breasts might be cut off if felt necessary by the doctors. Breast cancers are curable only in earlier stages.

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