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Side Effects Of Radiation When Treating Cancer


People with cancer may undergo some type of treatment that requires the use of radiation. Radiation therapy uses energy to kill cancer cells in the body. It may damage healthy tissue as well. People with cancer side effects caused by radiation therapy may feel discouraged by what they experience. The side effects may be difficult to go through but may be successful in treating many types of cancers. To understand these side effects, cancer patients must understand what radiation therapy is and how it may help them survive their illness. It is important to know that not all side effects will be caused by the therapy, or that all patients will experience them.



Many people may feel fatigued after radiation therapy. It one of the most common cancer side effects and can be the most discouraging. Cancer patients may feel too tired to get up during the day. They may feel unable to participate in any activity, such as spend time with their family. The severity of fatigue may vary with every patient. Some may feel well enough to get up, while others may need to rest for the entire day.

Irritation in the Skin:

Because radiation therapy affects the skin, some people may feel irritation. They may experience redness, scaling or soreness in the treatment area. Some patients may form sores in the areas treated with radiation. Swelling is also one of the cancer side effects of radiation treatment.


Feeling hot may occur from radiation therapy. Cancer side effects such as this one may cause chills as the body tries to cool off. Normal body temperature is around 98 degrees Fahrenheit, but fevers that reach 104 degrees Fahrenheit are extremely serious. Depending on patients' age, cancer-type and overall physical condition high fevers can be very dangerous. Patients should consult their physicians if they have fevers that do not subside or rise to 104.

Mouth Sores:

People who receive radiation for mouth conditions may have cancer side effects that cause sores. The sores may interfere with eating and drinking, which causes other problems, such as weight loss.

Chest Sores:

Cancer side effects caused by chest radiation treatments include irritation, redness and even severe pain. The side effects may interfere with eating.


Although cancer side effects from radiation therapy treatment may be problems on their own, the treatment is necessary in many cases. Doctors must evaluate their patients thoroughly before using this method. Patients must be able to withstand physically and mentally withstand the therapy. The goal of radiation therapy is to cure, eradicate or rid the body of cancer cells. The success rate depends on the type and stage of cancer. Patients must understand that not all cancers may be treated with radiation therapy. Unfortunately, those who do need this treatment may experience side effects before they see improvement in their health.

Tips and comments

Radiation therapy continues to advance in technology as health care improves. One of the main goals of doctors is to cure diseases and the cancer side effects that come with them. Until then, patients should strive to eat healthy, get plenty of rest and continue the treatments prescribed by their doctors.

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