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List Of De Cancer Centers


We have thousands of lists of de centers across the global. Some of de cancer center are specialized in the kind of services they offer will others are general in their service.

De cancer centers that specialized on particular disease like Leukemia are Mostly de cancer center that are research institutions that are focused on finding a cure or medication that will manage the disease. Some are privately funded; others are funded by institution of higher learning or non-governmental organization while others are government sponsored.

Example of de cancer center the specialized on particular disease is Christie Hospital NHS Trust. I


Christie Hospital NHS Trust

It is found in Manchester it pride itself among the best de cancer centers in Europe. It is involved in research and for those who are familiar with Paterson Institute for Cancer Research then it is hosted by Christie Hospital NHS Trust. This hospital come to be after a generous man by the name Sir Joseph Whitworth left his money after he died to be used for charity work. Hence, a commit was formed that was chaired by Richard Christie Which led to the formation of the cancer center which was later renamed to Christie Hospital. In one year the hospital deals with 12,500 patients who are new.

Center for Cancer Research

This is a de cancer center that brings together the cancer patients and researchers. It has over 200 specialties dealing with Cancer who are busy in research work. It is organized into branches which are 50 and laboratories. They are committed to work towards researching Cancer and developing new cancer management approaches.

They have conducted a number of clinical trials and currently they have carry out trials of Brain cancer, breast cancer, colon and rectal cancer, kidney cancer, leukemia and lung cancer.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center

This de Cancer Center is a premier facility for both research and treatment of cancer. It is among the 40 cancer centers that offer comprehensive care for cancer patients in the US. It deals with all sorts of cancers. This de cancer has the most advance technology dedicated to cancer treatment and the patients have a chance to participate in their various clinical trials.

Norris Cotton Cancer Center leads in prevention of cancer research. They help patients be aware of the risk they are exposed from the cancer they suffering from. They have been working on new drugs that will deal with cancer at its initial stage. They are looking for new ways to diagnose cancers like breast cancer.

Other de cancer centers are not specialized but deal with all sort of cancers. Most them are hospital that are either privately owned or government hospital example of this de cancer centers include:-

Aarhus University Hospital Center

Centre Jean Perrin

Aichi Cancer Center Hospital
Centro di Riferimento Oncologico
Academic Hospital
Albany Medical
CHU Timone
Churchill Hospital

These are just but an example of lists of de cancer center across the global. Most people will prefer to go for de cancer centers depending on the kind of cancer they have. However, whichever center you choose be certain that you are sure they registered and approved to operate.


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