What Are the Effects Of Cancer on Friends And Family
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What Are the Effects Of Cancer on Friends And Family

Published at 03/13/2012 15:44:30


What Are the Effects Of Cancer on Friends And Family

More than physical pain, mental stress and psychological imbalance can cause you the pain and suffering, which is incomparable to any other. Cancer is one of such diseases in the world, that provides a mental trauma first rather than affecting physically. Discovering that someone close to you is suffering with this disease makes you feel very bad. This is one of those lethal cancer effects that circumnavigate the society.

The first thing that comes in your mind seeing someone suffering from Cancer is “How to treat them and how to talk to them?” This is hard for you to know that your loved one is suffering from this disease, but cancer effects person’s mind first and you can help a lot in this situation. At the same time, when you are having this disease, it is harder for you to deal with this situation and face family and friends. There are some prominent cancer effects on family and friends which are discussed as follows:

few tips

Step – 1: Family and Friends, they are the closest people who know you and cancer effects on them in a psychological way. The first cancer effects are the loss of belief that the person suffering will survive from this disease. Though, you know that treatment is going on and hopes are there, but inside your mind you are always having a doubt. To avoid this, you need to understand the basic thing that life goes on. Accepting the fact is one thing, but over exaggeration can create distrust and fear inside the patient as well.

Step – 2: Presumptions by family and friends are the next cancer effects that are another distrust and tension creating moment. You assume things that are far away from reality and this is where you present a negative impact. Try not to think much about this.

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Step – 3: Constant pampering is not advisable for close ones to the patient, as he or she may get unrest and lose trust within them. Leave the care and concern to doctors, and suggest valuable chemotherapy sessions and other precautions to the patient.

Step – 4: After diagnosis, parents tend to feel that they are losing their child and it is one of the most painful cancer effects that affect both patient as well as family members. You need to calm down, and understand that the person is fighting for his or her life based on your support. Emotional stress or trauma can cause negative effects on patient.

Step – 5: Another feeling that comes in parents and family’s mind is guilt. You may think that you could have done something earlier, but now it’s too late. Best way to deal with this cancer effects is to talk with the patient in a mannerism that he or she feels motivated and do not discomfort them by cursing yourself as their family.

Tips and comments

A friend in need is a friend indeed and you need to follow this statement at its level best, when you have your friend suffering from Cancer. You as a friend can dial down cancer effects and present a healthy and happy atmosphere, spreading positive feelings around.