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Best Therapy For Treating Cancer

Published at 03/15/2012 14:52:03


There is no much difference between fighting cancer and going to war with a certain nation. Just like a war requires different weapons which are very powerful and strategies, the same way treatment of cancer is, it requires different types of treatment depending on what type of cancer and its stage. The treatments are many ranging from chemotherapy to radiation therapy. Knowing what is the best cancer therapy isn’t a hard task. Depending on what therapy is mostly preferred or mostly used you would certainly know which the best therapy is. The following test explains the best cancer therapy that has proved to work miracles in cancer patient.

What is the Best Cancer Therapy and What does it Involve?

When the words treatment of cancer is mentioned most peoples minds cross something to do with radiations. Well this is very correct. The best and most sort cancer therapy is radiation therapy. This type of treatment involves usage of certain rays for a particular purpose. Basically, this type of cancer therapy involves the use of gamma rays as well as X-rays to treat the cancer.

You might wonder how radiation cures cancer. At certain sage a cancer patient is exposed to the X-rays or gamma rays. By doing so the cancer cells are inhibited from either reproducing or dividing, this is the process by which cancer develops in the body. It is true that about 60% of cancer patients cannot go without radiation therapy.

This cancer therapy also proves to be the best because it is effective to all ages of cancer patients. To some extent it is also safe and research is also underway to make it safer for those needing it. When you have cancer and you fear you are dying soon then you have a reason to stay strong. All you have to do is visit an oncologist and this cancer therapy will be applied unto you. It is this Oncologist who will be in charge of prescribing and planning your radiation course. It is their responsibility also to track if any side effects come about and they tackle them.

The goal for radiation therapy can be palliative, radical or curative or even adjuvant. For cancers like prostate cancer which is the most common type of cancer among males, this cancer therapy can be very effective as per treatment is concerned. For the palliative function, radiation therapy reduces symptoms of pain and even alleviates them completely. Decreasing recurrence of tumor is also a factor that this cancer therapy needs to be appreciated for. For breast cancer, one of the women leading cancer deaths in the world, radiation therapy can be very effective in reducing the chances of it returning.

Some More Information

Even for the fact that radiation therapy is the best cancer therapy, it wouldn’t go alone. Medication is vital for an effective healing. Using medication to treat cancer is termed as chemotherapy. Those most of these medications have their downfalls; a prescription is always accompanied with any cancer therapy.


So, the facts are in. Radiation therapy is the best cancer therapy. When combined with chemotherapy it can lead to wonders.