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Symptoms Cervical Cancer

Published at 03/20/2012 09:34:00


Symptoms Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is one of the most dreaded cancers on this planet. But, since this cancer is related to the cervix of the human body, it is only seen in women. There are numerous cervical cancer symptoms which can help an individual decide whether she is facing the problem or not. A clear view at all these cervical cancer symptoms can help the woman decide to get the cancer detected early. Nowadays, a cancer which is detected early helps people in getting effective cancer treatment too. Thus, these cervical cancer symptoms can play a huge role in getting detected and cured.


Abdominal Bleeding: This is one of the most common of all the cervical cancer symptoms. During a month, the woman might face heavy or a light amount of bleeding from the abdominal region due the effect of cervical cancer. As soon as you detect abdominal bleeding, you must get in touch with an oncologist as soon as possible. This bleeding can even occur during the periods and thus needs to be very carefully observed.

Heavy discharge in periods (unusual cases): Usually, the amount of discharge that a woman has can vary from one case to another. But, if you generally have a light amount of discharge during the days of the period, but have started facing unusual heavy discharge recently, then you need to check out the cervical cancer symptoms. This is one of those symptoms that many women tend to misinterpret. They think this heavy discharge is just a coincidence and tend to ignore it. This can really be a serious situation and therefore, none of these symptoms should be overlooked.

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Pain in the pelvic bone or region: Often cervical cancer is detected using another popular symptom among the common cervical cancer symptoms, which is pelvic regional pain. Extreme or even light pain in the pelvic region should not be undermined and immediately shown to the medical professional immediately. It is only after certain tests and X-rays that it can be concluded whether the pain is due to cervical cancer or due to some other reason. This pain in the pelvic region can be both dull and even intense, depending upon various situations.

Pain while discharging urine: This is one of the most effective ways of deciding cervical cancer from all the other cervical cancer symptoms. This actually gives the indication that the cervical cancer might have reached its advanced stage and hence needs to be checked with a cancer specialist as soon as possible. Not all urinal pain directs towards cervical cancer, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Hence, we should take action after this symptom is visible as soon as possible.


Infrequent bleeding in period intervals, sexual intercourse etc.: Bleeding due to any reason especially, due to the use of abdominal region like periods, sexual intercourse can result in profuse bleeding. This is another very significant cervical cancer symptom, which we need to be careful about.Nowadays, there are various cancer centers available, which help in diagnosing cancer. Always go for a routine checkup; this helps in detecting cancer at an early stage.