What Factors Affect the Survival Rate Of Colon Cancer
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What Factors Affect the Survival Rate Of Colon Cancer

Published at 03/18/2012 14:11:30


What Factors Affect the Survival Rate Of Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer is one of such diseases, which affect people in a traumatic way. Yet there are chances of survival. Unlike other kind of cancer, it does not spread instantly in the body. This is why colon cancer survival rate is a process, which determines the time you can fight with this deadly disease and survive. Working as a guide, colon cancer survival rate gives you the idea about the procedure that you need to adopt for people having this disease. Pain relievers and medication to a certain extent is possible but after that there is a lifestyle that you need to follow to increase your colon cancer survival rate.

Affecting the digestive system, colon cancer spreads in the lower abdomen region. Famously known as large bowel cancer, colon cancer survival rate helped 1 million survivors in the United States of America to live a happy life. Some of the basic steps need to be followed to get a good survival rate are as follows:


Step – 1: Prognosis is a determination that gives an aspect about the colon cancer survival rate. It highly depends upon the stage on which you are diagnosing it. As long and as late you will take for diagnosing your cancer, less is your colon cancer survival rate. The rates depending upon various stages are as follows:
• 93% survival chances on Stage 1 with 100% chances on Stage 0 which is rare
• 85% survival chances on Stage 2A
• 72% survival chances on Stage 2B
• 70% survival chances on Stage 3A
• 64% survival chances on Stage 3B
• 44% survival chances on Stage 3C
• 8% survival chances on Stage 4


Step – 2: After Step 1, you know what you are expecting as far as colon cancer survival rate. Another factor which determines your cancer rate is location of tumor. That means whether ascending or descending area. Total of 5 year survival rate is based on this cycle.

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Step – 3: Regular checkup and colonoscopy should be the next step to follow. This highly increases your cancer survival rate. This goes for any kind of cancer, but it goes hand in hand with the fact on which stage you are diagnosing the disease. Early detection and treatment is far better than neglecting the symptoms and suffering later.


Step – 4: Talking about symptoms, the next step should focus upon analyzing them at earliest. Stage 0 of colon cancer is not mentioned usually. This is because there is no outward sign or symptom in this stage making it asymptomatic. This is where your colon cancer survival rate is 100% as this is the best stage to get the treatment. It’s very hard to notice symptoms at this stage and hence, you should get regular health checkups.


Choosing the type of therapy follows next after step 4. This includes Colostomy at first place, which is specialized treatment for colon cancer. After that comes Chemotherapy and finally is Radiation Therapy. All these treatments are advised depending upon the seriousness of your disease for giving a good cancer survival rate.