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After cancer has been diagnosed, the treatment cannot begin immediately, as the doctor first runs necessary tests. The tests then show the cancer stage and to what extent it has reached. It is very necessary to know the cancer stage before a doctor starts the treatment. Sometimes a doctor just has to give medicines, and in severe cases the doctor directly starts with chemotherapy. Cancer develops gradually and spreads rapidly. It can develop in any tissue of the body; as a result different types of cancers come forward like breast cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, thyroid cancer, kidney cancer, etc. Sometimes, cancer can be detected through symptoms, screening tests and medical imaging. In other cases when symptoms do not appear, it is possible to detect it through medical tests.


The cause of cancer is very complex. As the cancer begins, the cells of the body begin to divide uncontrollably, resulting in tumors. Each cancer has different number of stages. Cancer stage has various scales by which it is known.


According to Holistic Health Science, when the cancer starts, a person goes through seven stages. In the first stage the person feels exhausted all the time. This stage is known as enervation. The best way to deal with this stage is to get as much rest one can get, as sleep charges you. The second stage is known as toxemia or intoxication. This stage occurs when we ignore our enervation state; when a person continues to overwork, sleep late and is under great tension. This is the cancer stage when toxins saturate our body. Third stage is when a person feels itchy all the time, which is because the toxins have entered our nervous system. The fourth stage is the stage in which a doctor recognizes the disease, as the patient begins to feel pain. The fifth stage is the ulceration in which our body uses ulcer to get rid of the toxins. The sixth stage is the stage in which tumor begins to form which is known as indurations, in which the tissue hardens. And in the seventh stag,e the cancer is completely formed. Cancer can also be defined in these four stages i.e. initiation, promotion, progression and malignant conversion. Initiation is the stage in which the DNA of our cells is damaged and is the initial stage. Second stage is the promotion in which the affected cells begin to divide rapidly and in progression the cells begin to divide even further more and it results in tumor. And then conversion in which the metastasis occurs. The cancer begins to spread to other places.

Tips and comments

If a cancer has reached to its middle stage, it can be treated as science has progressed a lot in the last decade. Every person’s body takes cancer in a different manner, and the doctor treats it differently. But it is very necessary to get a regular check up of your system, once your cancer has been diagnosed. And it depends upon your cancer stage; sometimes a patient has to be admitted into the hospitable as well.

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