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Published at 02/14/2012 13:27:55


This planet has seen a number of diseases in human beings for several million years, but cancer is such a disease that has won the award for being the most horrible and fatal disease. The cancer is difficult to detect in the early stages and gets worse each day. When you finally come to know of the cancer, it normally has grown or spread so much that you cannot prevent it easily. Cancer basically happens due to the abnormal growth of the cells. Like hair cells are supposed to grow, live and die after every interval of time, but if the cells start behaving abnormally, that is to keep growing without dying, they start accumulating in a specific area too much, thus producing a tumor or cancer in the subject organ. Chemotherapy cancer is basically a treatment that is given to the cancer patient to help reduce the growth of these abnormal cells. As these cells grow, they start pushing other cells, tissues, muscles and in turn the entire organs away from their specific places. This disturbance in the true place of the organs results in the malfunctioning.


During the chemotherapy cancer a series or a combination of medicines is given to the patient, which is basically for the purpose of deactivating the cancer cells or on the other hand to entirely kill those awful cells. These chemotherapy cancer medicines not only deactivate the cancer cells in the area of cancer but also the cells that start spreading into the blood and travel throughout the body. Chemotherapy cancer is usually called a systematic therapy. which means that it involves the whole body and the whole body’s blood circulation during the treatment. It has been told that chemotherapy does not have any dreadful side effects in usual cases.


For the people who have cancer in the early stages of their life, they do not face many side effects as compared to those who have entered in the worst stages of cancer. The side effects usually depend on the nature of chemotherapy you have been given and on the type of cancer. The usual side effects of cancer include nausea, vomiting, tiredness, pain and hair loss. Although these are not always serious side effects, you must keep in regular contact with your doctor about it. Your route of therapy depends greatly on the cancer type you have, the chemotherapy drugs that you are being given, the treatment target plus the site of the cancer and also to your body’s response to all these situations. The treatment is done according to the doctor's recommendation, depending upon the nature of your cancer. You might be getting treatment every day, every week or every month.

Tips and comments

Chemotherpay is done in rounds of with breaks in betwee. For example, a person may be given chemotherpay daily for two weeks, followed by a resting period of two weeks with no chemotherapy. This gives the body a chance to rest and heal from the chemotherapy medications and allows new healthy cells to grow.