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What Is the Treatment For Lung Cancer


Did you ever think for a while how once or twice in each second your chest rises and falls again and again? What is causing these breaths to come and go? What makes the use of oxygen you take in? And above all what if the organ performing all these functions gets damaged. Well the answer to the first three questions is the lungs. The lungs are the essential part of almost all the animals on the planet and are the main respiratory organ of the body. It helps to take the oxygen from the air and then makes the best use of it for the body, and in turn exhales the carbon dioxide to the air. Now imagine if you are standing in a closed room and your face is covered with an airtight shopping bag, how would you be feeling? It will be because your body does not get the required amount of oxygen, thus causing suffocation and irritation. If your lungs get diseased you will feel the same way too, worst of all the lung diseases is the lung cancer.


First you must try your best to avoid lung cancer as much as you can by adopting good habits and saying goodbye to the smoking. Make sure you keep your body involved in some physical activity on a regular basis so and that you do in take fresh air to keep your lungs healthy. These few basic tips are must for the prevention of all most all the disease in the whole world. But in case you do get the lung cancer you must follow proper guidelines for the treatment of it. Get a screening test from the doctor nearby. These screening tests are really helpful and they aid the doctors to diagnose and early cancer. If the cancer gets detected in the early stage, there is nothing better than that because a cancer at the early stage is not only possible to cure but also it is the least painful to the patient.


If the detection of the lung cancer comes out to be true, then the cancer lung treatment is started immediately to save the person from further harm and to kill all the cells that are spreading the cancer as soon as possible. The cancer lung treatment is made depending upon the condition of cancer and the surgery, if required, is done on the basis of treatment results. There are a number of therapies for the cancerlung treatment  that majorly involve radiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy and Photodynamic therapy. During the radiation therapy, the site of cancer is exposed to the laser radiations that fall on the area and start killing the cells. It kills both the healthy and damaged cells. Thus the healthy cells are produced again while the damaged cells are eliminated for good. Chemotherapy is the cancer lung treatment done by the use of medicines that cease the activity of the cancerous cells on the site of cancer or tumor. Similarly the targeted therapies target the cancerous area and stop the growth of the bad cells. The Photodynamic therapy starts working when exposed to light thus killing the cells. All these therapies are suggested on the basis and the stage of cancer.

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Lung cancer is deadly diseases that has taken many lives already. This diseases continues to became a silent traitor to almost everyone and if we do not listen to what our body is saying and do not take steps to prevent lung cancer our lives would just be wasted. For those who have been affected already, it is vital to get a cancer lung treatment as soon as possible before iti is too late.


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