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What Is the American Cancer Society?

Published at 02/14/2012 16:29:28


The American Cancer Society also popular by its acronym ACS, is an organization that is dedicated to the goal of controlling and eliminating cancer. It is a voluntary organization, and the efforts to run this organization effectively can be attributed to 58 major cancer society American state-incorporated departments. The four most significant activities conducted by this organization include the following:

1] Program to educate the people about the detection of the warning signs and preventive measures for adults. The program focuses on spreading the public awareness of the early detection and diagnosis that can help in getting early treatment.

2] A thorough and detailed education program for health professionals to encourage them to make use of the best techniques available for cancer detection, diagnosis and management of patients. The program also includes various seminars, discussions and symposiums for the cancer society Americans and health professionals to share their knowledge on most advanced cancer-fighting strategies, and to spread awareness in the health community about new developments and ideas.

3] Various rehabilitation programs and volunteer-based services to facilitate the recovery of cancer patients and to support their families with the emotional and physical needs that are required to cope with the pre-effects, ongoing treatment effects and after effects of the disease.

4] To conduct research and studies on cancer from all the aspects, right from the guided clinical work to the trainings for the advanced cancer prevention techniques.


The American Cancer Society (ACS) started its operation in the year 1913 by a group of business leaders and fifteen physicians in New York City. The main motive behind the creation of this society was to control the continuous growth of cancer in the society, to make people aware about the disease and also to reduce the denial and fear amongst the masses by making them knowledgeable about the disease. Their campaign began by publishing articles in various popular people magazines and also in professional newsletters. A series of monthly articles showcasing some information on cancer were published under this cancer society Americans can know and follow, and new recruitments of the physicians all around the United States was done, to support the activities initiated by the ACS.

In the year 1936, the field representative of ASCC and the chair person of the General Federation of Women's Clubs Committee on Public health - Marjorie G. Illig, suggested to create a group of volunteers that can exclusively work on the fight against cancer. This suggestion lead to the creation of the organization called Women's Field Army.
Today, this organization has around 2 million volunteers, who work on implementing the public and professional educational initiatives for the social awareness, and also on fund raising programs and programs to provide services to patients and the families.


This American Cancer Society (ACS) is the most prominent and reputed cancer society American organization today for the fight against cancer. It got its leader title in this field in the year 1945 and still holds a very strong position regarding the programs, research and services against cancer. The success of American Cancer Society can be attributed to the fact that they've invested around $2 billion in research work till date and have funded around 28 Nobel Prize winners.

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Special programs being run by this cancer society American organization are Breast cancer network for women, and a special prostate cancer education and support program specifically for men. Apart from this, under some special sections, ACS also promotes the education health programs to children and specially designed programs to discourage the use of tobacco and encourage healthy life style amongst the masses.