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How Does a Cancer Cell Develop?

Published at 02/16/2012 17:09:28


The development of cell cancer in the human body creates havoc and disruption to the normal functions of organs, muscles and tissues. Cancer is a classification of diseases that can be characterized by abnormal growth of cells. There are approximately one hundred various types of cancer, and they are categorized by the kind of cell that has initiated such medical ailment. Cancer harms the body system when these cancerous cells would multiply uncontrollably to form masses or lumps of tissues that are called tumors.


The development of cell cancer that leads to tumor growth will also interfere with the functions in the nervous, circulatory and digestive systems. They release hormones that would severely affect and alter the normal body functions. These tumors can be very hazardous, specifically if they would invade and destroy other healthy tissues by navigating through lymph systems or blood. They can also multiply themselves and grow in numbers as well.


Food and Beverages

The majority of the processed foods and beverages contain chemicals that increase the chances of cell cancer growth in your body. Daily intake of these unhealthy foods will destroy your body faster than anything else will. Individuals these days should stay away from these foods to avoid the development of cancerous cells in their bodies. These foods and beverages are filled with chemicals and synthetic ingredients. They are lifeless and they are poor in essential nutrients.


Some of the cancerous cells can be attained and inherited from parents or the elder family members. There are some individuals that were born with defect in their genes due to certain genetic mutations. These individuals are likely to attain cell cancer in the later stages of their lives.


Carcinogens are the most hazardous substances that can damage your DNA and facilitate the development of cell cancer. Some of the examples of such substance include asbestos fibers, radiation from x-rays and gamma, arsenic, tobacco and exhaust fumes from vehicles. Whenever your body is exposed to these substances, free radicals will be formed to steal electrons from other molecules in your body. These formed radicals will destroy your healthy cells and affect their abilities to function regularly.


Some of the drugs that can be obtained over the counter contain carcinogens. These prescribed medications consist of chemicals that will cause the mutations of the unhealthy cells in your body. These drugs are also toxic and can harm your body.

Fungus and Candida

According to recent studies, fungus growth in the body can facilitate in the developments of these unhealthy cells. These conducted studies have also confirmed that cell cancer and fungus are identical to each other even with the aid of superb microscopes. Candida is a chronic yeast infection that can be due to various causes. It is a type of fungus that can advance the division of the cell cancer. Untreated symptoms of such ailment will also cause other complications. It disrupts respiratory system, accelerates the aging process, destroys digestion and causes anxiety to the affected patients.

Tips and comments

Cancer mutation in the DNA can also be caused by other diseases and viruses. Hepatitis B and C, Epstein-Barr virus and human papillomavirus are some of the possible causes of cancer development. HIV and other viruses that suppress the immune system are also linked to the development of cell cancer.


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